Sigma Beauty's Titanium Brush Set Is Worth The Investment

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is undoubtedly a YouTube beauty guru favorite when it comes to brushes, and it's not hard to see why with their latest launch. The new Sigma Beauty Titanium Brush Set is basically the future of cosmetics brushes, and while the price may seem steep at first, when you learn more about this 12 piece set of tools, you'll be wanting to snag them as soon as possible.

The Titanium Brush set from Sigma retails for $189 which comes out to roughly $15.75 per brush. While the price tag may seem steep, it just requires a bit of a breakdown. That breakdown alone is enough to make them worth it in my opinion, but there's even more to love about the brand's new brush technology.

A screwing system in the ferrule and a double threaded system for the bristles help make these brushes water proof. If you've ever had a brush fall apart after submerging it in water while cleaning — which is a no-no — the Sigma Titanium brush set may be for you. You'll never need to worry about destroying a brush ferrule ever again.

Plus, Sigma is so confident in the durability of the set that it comes with a free five year warranty. If you love hanging on to your brushes for the long haul — shout out to my E.L.F blending brush — these can stay on your vanity with a warranty for five years.

The brush is the first of its kind according to the brand. The threading system is innovative and unique to the brand, and think about how much easier cleaning will be thanks to bristles that will no longer fall after contact with water.

If you want to shop the Sigma Titanium Brush set, it is available right now on Sigma's website. Plus, the brand is currently giving free domestic shipping to customers who spend over $50 which means you can snag these brushes and pay no shipping on your purchase.

Sigma Essentials Kit, $160, Sigma

The brush set contains 12 brushes also found in the Sigma Essentials kit, which means it's packed with must-have face and eye brushes. If you're just trying the Sigma brand or if you're just starting to build your brush collection, the Titanium set is not only indestructible but full of essentials.

If Sigma Beauty's new Titanium Brush set with it's waterproof ferrule and five year warranty are calling your name, head over to the site now. This deal is too good to miss.