Is Skyr Yogurt? Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown, Everyone

Guys, I know that this might be hard to hear, but your favorite yogurt... well, it's not actually a yogurt. Skyr — that little bowl of delicious, creamy yogurt you thought you'd been swapping your greek yogurt out for? Yeah, no, skyr isn't yogurt — it's actually a soft cheese.

On the official website for one brand of skyr, Skyr Iceland, the company says their product has "a smooth, rich flavor and creamy thick texture," which — to the Amerian ear — sounds like yogurt. However, taking a deeper dive into their ingredients list, it's actually made into a very soft cheese from skim milk. These cultures actually contain three or four times more milk than regular yogurt — giving them a thicker consistency then the normal greek yogurt you eat in the morning. Their website certainly pushes the use of skyr in smoothies, since it's high in protein (but only two grams higher than a normal container of non-fat greek yogurt).

Although skyr is a soft cheese, in Iceland it is still known as it's own product apart from normal cheeses. Basically, if cheese and yogurt had a baby, skyr would probably be the result. Skyr comes in different flavors as well, including strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla.

So if you've always been a little bit curious to why your container of skyr (aka that container of Siggi's you love to grab) tastes heavier than any other greek yogurt that you've eaten, now you know! It's just not yogurt. Mind equals blown.