Boo! Tarte's Rainbow Highlighter Isn't Permanent

I love a rainbow glow! Multi-shade highlighters, like Tarte's Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter, allow you to enjoy a custom hue every time. This unicorn-inspired highlighter boasts four pastel shades —white, gold, pink, and purply blue— that can be used on their own or blended for a one of a kind shade that you can pop onto cheekbones, above the Cupid's bow, on the décolletage, or anywhere you want or need a little extra shimmer. Is Tarte's Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter limited edition or permanent addition?

Sadly, the compact, which is part of the brand's magical and enchanting Spring 2017 collection, is limited edition! It costs $30 and I can attest that it's a "getter" and a "keeper." The soft, non-chalky formula is long-wearing and it doesn't flake or produce much fallout. So you won't be reaching for the makeup remover wipes to clean up your cheeks after using.

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter, $30, Sephora

I swept a round brush across the pan, swirling and twisting to produce a unique shade, and then dabbed on my cheekbones. It was the perfect proportion of glow.

It also blends like a unicorn dream. If you are like me and aren't looking to communicate with satellites via your glowing skin and instead prefer only a little gleam, then this is your Holy Grail.

Look at those soft pastels! I love that they aren't harsh or too strong.

You can glow a little or a lot. There is plenty of face real estate on which to sweep this highlighter. You can also pop it in the inner corners of your peepers to give your eye makeup a boost.

The compact is also totally totable.

Tarte Magic Wand Brush Set, $39, Sephora

Even better, why not apply the Rainbow Glow highlighter with the new and vegan Tarte Magic Wand brush set, which features pastel bristles and golden, unicorn horn-like handles. These tools are limited edition, as well.

This screenshot from the Tarte site, which is where you can purchase the highlighter and brushes, confirms the LE status. You better move along and start shopping before they sell out!

Images: Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics (6)