Is Taylor Still A Mental Health Counselor? She Says 'The Bachelor' Impacted Her Job

Michael Yada/ABC

Taylor and Corinne’s time on The Bachelor was mostly spent at each other’s throats, and the Women Tell All special was no different. They yelled and sniped at each other, but with one difference — Taylor said that all of the things that Corinne said about her had affected her career in a negative away. Is Taylor still a mental health counselor after The Bachelor?

If The Bachelor did affect her career, that's really unfortunate. Everyone on the show has a day job, but, for some reason, Taylor was called out on hers and identified as a mental health counselor frequently. There are, as Taylor said on the Women Tell All special, other sides to her, but for her to be known only as a therapist in her conversations with the women in the house has hurt her business, according to her. It seems that she was insinuating that people no longer think she's legitimate, or something along those lines. Taylor did made the excellent point that the chef in the house didn't cook, and the teachers didn't teach, but there's a hole in that. Those other contestants also didn't start conversations based on their jobs. Taylor talked about "emotional intelligence" all the time, and that's why she was singled out in this way.


Taylor told Us Weekly that she put her mental health counseling practice on hold for now, but it's hard to tell if that's because of Corinne and their fighting or because more opportunities are presenting themselves to Taylor in the wake of being on The Bachelor. She told the magazine, "Right now, I’m dealing with a lot emotionally and logistically." Whatever the case, I hope that Taylor is able to go back to counseling should she choose to do so, and that she can get her practice back on track — because no one deserves their career ruined because they had a rough time on a TV show.