Taylor Swift Just Debuted Red Hair & She Looks SO Different

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since she came onto the scene with her corkscrew curls at 16 years old, Taylor Swift has been known for her specific type of aesthetic. And even as she transitioned from tea length party dresses to Calvin Klein column gowns, one thing stayed constant: her blonde hair. But now Taylor Swift has red hair, and the look will surely throw you off.

She debuted the rich red color in a sneak peek to Sugarland's "Babe" music video, which she is co-starring in along with a couple of other celebs. Which means you won't see her rocking the auburn hair while going out on a coffee run in L.A., since it was just a wig to play a character. But the transformation is still so different compared to her usual sleek crop of blonde that it's fun to look at.

Sugarland's single, "Babe," is part of their newest album titled Bigger, and has already hit No. 1 on Apple's country music chart the week it was released. Now they're following up the popular song with a music video to match, and that's where we're treated to a transformed Swift.

Swift leaked a small preview of the video on her Instagram, and seeing how the single is about a partner cheating and breaking up his home, the video spins that scenario out.

Set in the 1950s with a Mad Men-like feel, we get a glimpse into a crumbling suburban marriage, where Jennifer Nettles (who is one half of Sugarland,) and Brandon Routh (you might know him from Arrow,) are the unhappily married couple.

And Swift is the secretary bombshell that has led Routh astray in a sexy office affair. Hence the red hair.

While it's only a 15 second clip, you get glimpses of Swift strutting down the office in a red wiggle dress, Swift and Routh embracing in a conference room, Nettles drinking a martini and watering her pool while laughing manically, and Swift and Nettles exchanging dark looks as they pass each other by. It's drama filled, and full of amazing fashion. What more can you ask for?

Swift isn't new to switching up her hair to play a role in a music video. This isn't the first time she has had red locks, either. She also went a fiery red in her 2014 "Bad Blood" music video, where she traded in her glossy blonde hair for something a little edgier to accompany her leather catsuit and dystopian world. The change happened at the end of the video, when Swift walked out of a wall of fire with her girl gang, her locks matching the flames behind her.

This time the look is a little different in "Babe," where her hair is arranged in a more mid-century appropriate lob, with the ends curled in and her hair sleek.

Taking it even further back, she also dabbled with a hair transformation in 2009 in her "You Belong with Me" music video, where she played two different girls in love with the same guy. Regular Swift was blonde, but her alter ego, "popular girl" version had straight dark brown locks.

Whenever the artist is playing an alter ego that doesn't resemble who she is, she puts on a wig and changes up her hair. Just like how the Sugarland's "other woman" has red hair, allowing her to dive into the role.

If you want to see more of the video, you won't have to wait long. It premieres June 9, which is only a few days away. Get ready to see a whole new Swift, changed hair color and all.