'Scandal' Just Dropped A Huge Clue About Quinn's Fate

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Major spoilers for the Scandal midseason premiere! After a long winter break, Scandal is back... and it wasted no time throwing fans back into some heartbreaking drama, finally answering the question of whether or not Quinn is dead — or did it? Quinn might be alive on Scandal, despite Thursday's midseason premiere... and her baby might actually be OK too.

The last time we saw Olivia Pope, she heard a scream and a gunshot go off in Rowan's house, assuming that the shot killed Quinn, who he was holding hostage. But now? Quinn and her unborn daughter, Robin, have been confirmed to be killed and were cremated, a total gut punch to poor Charlie who had to deal with the loss of the love of his life and his child.

The episode was a true tribute to Quinn, showing how everyone was mourning her death. Huck suffered particularly deeply, and it was difficult to see him visit Quinn's charred remains in the morgue to say goodbye and promise he'd get revenge. It was just as hard to see Olivia drinking and crying as she wrote Quinn's eulogy, and the flashbacks? Well, if you hadn't teared up yet, that was probably your moment.

But then, in the last five minutes? Hope, in the form of a baby crying... and a massive showdown between Charlie and Rowan that could end up leaving one of them dead, too.

Since this is Scandal, it's hard to accept what the show tells viewers as truth. If you found yourself doubting whether or not Quinn was actually dead, you're definitely not alone. Plenty of fans have already turned to Twitter to wonder the same thing.

Now, there's a concrete clue that she might still be alive. When Charlie showed up at Rowan's house, he heard a baby cry, which led him upstairs to find a baby girl, safe and seemingly healthy in her crib, screaming at him to explain who that baby belongs to. Is this baby Robin? Is Quinn still alive? Like the fan pointed out in one of the tweets above, we didn't actually see Quinn's face on the dead body, so it's totally possible that wasn't her.

First, though, we have to figure out if this is actually Quinn's baby. It seems likely; it would be really weird for Rowan to be keeping some random infant in his house (although he's done stranger things over the course of this show). Obviously, anything is possible, but it seems like this baby is Quinn's, and Quinn is either still being held hostage somewhere, she escaped, or Quinn actually is dead but Rowan decided to spare the baby and is now raising her — which, by the way, would make a really weird spin-off.

And if Quinn's alive, it wouldn't be the first time Scandal pulled that move. Last season, it seemed like Huck was dead in the trunk of a car, but he made it to a hospital and pulled through. It wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world if Quinn and her baby are actually OK... and it might end up being a pretty awesome twist. As perfect as her sendoff was, it would be even better to see her finally find the happy ending she's been searching for with Charlie and her baby. Hasn't this lady been through enough over the past seven seasons? Hasn't everyone on this show been through enough?

Next week's episode promises to show us exactly what happened to Quinn while she was being kept in Rowan's basement, so maybe then, we'll finally have some answers. One thing is for sure, though: Scandal is making sure it goes out with a bang.