The Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Launch Was Very Popular

by Augusta Statz

After years in the making, Jaclyn Hill has created a perfectly pigmented palette of 35 different eye shadow shades, and as you can imagine, the hype about this super affordable and gorgeous range of colors was next level. Is the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette sold out? This product definitely didn’t stick around for long.

The palette was out of stock online very soon after it launched, but the good news, however, is that fans were most likely prepared for this product to fly off of the virtual shelves. Because seriously, if you paid attention to the photos, Snapchat videos and more that showed off all of these different shades — you knew you had to be ready to scoop this up the moment it launched. So, hopefully, you were one of the lucky people to snag this before it sold out, but if you weren’t quick enough — the brand announced there will be a restock.

When 35 shades including everything from neutrals to bright greens and teals go on sale for just $38, it’d be hard not to want this in your personal collection. Nothing will top the day when you can hold this palette in your hands — so, let’s hope that day arrives sooner rather than later!

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Just hours after this became available to shop, it was completely sold out. But seriously, did you expect anything else?

Colors this good were sure to go quickly.

Hill expresses in this video just how hard she worked to create something her fans would love, and apparently, she's done a very good job at delivering just what beauty lovers want to see!

The reviews are in, and makeup gurus are obsessed with everything this range has to offer.

Shopping this item may have been a bit stressful, but it was so worth it.

If you didn't get your hands on it this time around, don't worry. You'll have another shot at it in the future.

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