Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA Isn't A Permanent Collab

2016 was the year of brands collaborating with bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram makeup artists. Like mega matte lips and statement brows, the brand x influencer beauty trend is continuing to surge in 2017. The latest epic brand x blogger partnership? Nikkie Tutorials is teaming up with OFRA Cosmetics for a new collab that will drop online on Wednesday, Mar. 29. The collection boasts four products — one highlighter, because duh, and three long-wearing liquid lippies. Is Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA limited edition or is it a permanent addition to the brand's offerings?

As of press time, Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA is limited edition, as stated in the description on the brand's site and which I've screenshotted below. That said, OFRA has upgraded previous limited edition items, like Manny MUA’s liquid lippies, to permanent status, due to customer demand. So if the Nikkie collab does well, it could see its life extended. You guys can veritably determine the outcome. If you show this collabo the appropriate love, it could stick around.

Nikkie x OFRA will be available via the brand's site, which is its sales platform!

Bustle reached out to OFRA reps to inquire about pricing and if the Nikkie x OFRA products are available on their own or only as a bundle.

UPDATE: OFRA reps responded via email to confirm that the collection will only be available as a bundle. The price is $79, but customers can use the code "NIKKIE" to save 30% and pay $55.30 for the collection.

This screen grab confirms the "limited edition" status.

Here is a breakdown of what's inside this new collab between two online makeup titans.

The Everglow Highlighter compact boasts three, sectioned off shades in one pan. There's a frosty white, a neutral shimmer, and a sun-kissed copper. You can use each shade on its own or mix and match for a unique, DNA-distinct glow.

There are three custom liquid lipsticks, which have kitschy, witchcraft-inspired names, since Nikkie Tutorials is specializes in makeup sorcery. This is Nude Potion — a light, neutral nude.

Coven is a metallic brown. Since the metallic texture and '90s browns remain "in," this shade is so on point.

Also, you get Spell, which is a neon coral pink. All three are long-lasting.

Nikkie x OFRA can get you through the spring, summer, and fall, since the shades are so universal!

Images: Courtesy of OFRA (6); OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram (1)