This Is Why The SiliSponge Is Worth It

Finally! I ordered the Internet makeup phenom SiliSponge from Molly Cosmetics a few weeks ago and it arrived at my post office box on Wednesday, Feb. 1. I ordered two, since these heavily hyped applicators are hard to get and inexpensive. I figured if I loved it, I could have a back up. Yes, the squishy, clear sponge looks like a chicken cutlet or a breast implant. I used it to blend two different concealers, which I applied directly to my face with their own wands, to cover and buff out any blemishes and skin tone inconsistencies, respectively. Then I dispensed a drop of Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation — smaller than a pencil eraser— on the actual SiliSponge itself and blended accordingly.

So, is the SiliSponge worth it? Based on one morning's use in two liquid makeup situations, here's my take. Yes, the SiliSponge is absolutely worth it. While it did take a while to arrive from Hong Kong, it was worth the wait.

The price is sweet — it's currently on sale for $9.90 and the shipping was free when I ordered.

I also loved how it blended liquid product like a dream. It will take a minute to get used to the shape, since I am used to the pointy end of my makeup sponge smoothing product around the sides of my nose.

But the SiliSponge is easy to grip and therefore you can control how product is buffed and dispersed.

I tapped to blend the Urban Decay and Wander Beauty concealers that I applied directly to my face. I used a little more concealer on the bottom of my face than usual in order to test my SiliSponge's effectiveness. It passed with flying colors.

I love how evenly everything blended. A word of caution, per the packaging: Don't eat your SiliSponge and keep it away from kids, pets, sunlight and heat!

I also used this combo.

All I needed was one small drop, dispensed directly on my Sili, and I used circular motions to blend, blend, blend, and blend some more. The Sili is also cost-effective because you will waste less product since it won't absorb.

Yep, I was pleased with the feel, the buffability, and the amount of product I didn't use.

This was all that was left after I blended like a maniac.

And here is my SiliSponge after I used and cleaned it.

One last look! You can see the outer lining. When that gets ragged, it's time to replace your SiliSponge. But if you care for it properly, by washing with mild soap and warm water, it should last.

The price, ease of use, and the fact that you waste minimal product when using the SiliSponge make this innovation totally worth it.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (10)