Is The Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Vault Sold Out? This Collection Is Too Good To Let Go

Urban Decay can basically no wrong. And when they collaborate, well, you’re really in for a treat. Urban Decay just dropped their collection inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, and makeup lovers are understandably obsessed with the products they’ve created. Is the Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Vault sold out? The bundle option was a must-have item.

Every UD shopper knows it’s good to take advantage of buying products in bulk. So, when the brand releases one of its infamous vaults, you’ve got to add it to your cart pretty much immediately. That’s precisely what folks did when the UD X Jean-Michel Basquiat collection went live on Apr. 20. The entire range was available in a $165 vault, but the item was already completely out of stock at the time of publication.

Don’t give up on shopping this line-up just yet, however. Because there are several items in stock and up for grabs online. One eyeshadow palette has sold out, but the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette and the Gallery Blush Palette were still available at the time of publication. All three lip shades and two of the eye liner options are ready for the taking, as well. As you can tell, this is very popular (and also limited edition), so be sure to get your hands on it while you can. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

With these items in your possession, your makeup collection will become your masterpiece.

Courtesy Urban Decay Cosmetics

That's precisely why these unique pieces didn't stay in stock for long.

Courtesy Urban Decay Cosmetics

If you were able to scoop up the is very special vault, consider yourself lucky.

There are many folks who didn't get the chance to shop the entire range all in one package before it sold out.

But, even if you wanted it all, shopping any piece from this collection will do.

This is too good to pass up a purchase. So, go ahead and stock up.

Courtesy Urban Decay Cosmetics

Lipstick in Exhibition, $17, Urban Decay Cosmetics

For example, this lovely lippie is available for purchase. It'll add just the right amount of color to your pout this season, so better get it in your makeup bag, stat!

Courtesy Urban Decay Cosmetics

Gallery Blush Palette, $34, Urban Decay Cosmetics

For a perfectly radiant face, get these cheek and highlighting shades.

Courtesy Urban Decay Cosmetics

Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette, $39, Urban Decay Cosmetics

These gorgeous neutral shadows belong on your lids, so make sure you head over to the UD site to snag them before they're gone!

There are even more products where this came from, so start shopping them from the Urban Decay website immediately. A collection this cool won't stick around forever, and you're going to want to be among the few who gets to own an item or two from this line.