The Weeknd Released A Song About Bella Hadid & The Lyrics Are A LOT

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On March 30, The Weeknd released his newest EP, My Dear Melancholy, much to fans' delight. Those fans are going wild over one particular song, all because of one of the singer's old flames. Fans think The Weeknd's "Wasted Times" is about Bella Hadid and it's keeping the hope of a possible relationship reunion alive for them.

Many noted one line in the song that was a telling reference to The Weeknd's ex. It read, "You were equestrian, so ride it like a champion." As explained by Harper's Bazaar, Hadid is known for her love of horseback riding. And that's exactly why fans jumped to say that "Wasted Times" was all about The Weeknd still pining away for his ex-girlfriend.

The Weeknd (who's real name is Abel Tesfaye) and Hadid broke up back in November 2016. Before the two parted ways, they had a somewhat longterm romance. The two celebs originally met in 2015 at Coachella after they were introduced by Hadid's sister, Gigi Hadid, and went public with their relationship only a few months later in September 2015, according to E! News. Alas, the two couldn't make things work, but vowed to "remain friends," per a People source.

Considering their dating history, it's no surprise that fans immediately took to social media to say that "Wasted Times" was about The Weeknd describing his feelings for his former flame.

Pretend Shock

One fan included a fun gif of Hadid to show just what they think about those "Wasted Times" lyrics.

It's Pretty Obvious

Another fan tweeted about how The Weeknd is obviously singing about his ex-girlfriend. "Wasted Times" is pretty telling when you hear it.

The Gif Says It All

This fan also picked up on the possible connection. They even included that now-classic Oprah Winfrey gif in order to joke around about Hadid's response to the song.

A Direct Connection

One user highlighted the lyric in question. And there was no doubt in their mind that Hadid was the one The Weeknd was singing about in the song.

@ Her Already

This Twitter user was on board with the whole "@-ing" situation. The Weeknd should just have placed Hadid's name in the lyrics, everyone already thinks that the song's about her anyway.

There's A Not-So-Hidden Meaning There

While at least one song is possibly about a different ex, Selena Gomez, this user believes that all of the rest on the EP (including "Wasted Times") are about Hadid. The reason for all of his odes? Well, they believe that The Weeknd wants his model ex-girlfriend back. "Omg" is right.

Finding Their Way Back To Each Other?

Another fan joked that Hadid would be strolling back to The Weeknd's place after hearing "Wasted Times" you know, because the singer is basically singing about getting back together with her.

That Swerve Tho

Yet, another fan had some different thoughts about how Hadid might react to the song. They used an expert gif of Hadid walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show (where The Weeknd, her then ex, performed simultaneously) and is kind of swerving away from him. Everything about it is perfect.

It's A Bold Move

This user said it was bold of The Weeknd to sing about his relationship with Hadid in "Wasted Times" as "casually" as he is. Maybe the song was a way to make amends with his ex-girlfriend? It's really anyone's guess, tbh.

There's A Bella Reference There "100%"

Twitter user Aly is convinced that the song is "100%" about the model. Honestly, the signs are there for the connection.

And they're obviously not the only one who believes that "Wasted Times" is 100 percent about The Weeknd's relationship with Hadid. But, until the singer either confirms or denies the connection, fans will just have to speculate whether the song is a sign that there's a chance for a relationship reunion sometime in the future.