You'll Never Hook Up On Vacation Again After Watching This Lifetime Movie


Just in case you missed it, Lifetime has managed to make a franchise out of people who are just plain wrong. For example, the network has released several movies including The Wrong Man, The Wrong Son, and last year’s The Wrong Daughter. Now, a relaxing vacation will turn into a complete nightmare when Lifetime's latest movie The Wrong Cruise debuts on July 28. But, is The Wrong Cruise is based on a true story or just another fictional thriller? Thankfully, there’s no indication that this is based on real events, but it has an intriguing plot.

According to IMDB, Claire Tanner, played by none other than Vivica A. Fox, and her daughter Sky, played by Sidney Nicole Rogers, are having a tough emotional time after losing a loved one. So, they decide to go on a cruise for some fun in the sun and bonding time. During their vacation, they meet Dante (Andres Londono) and Rico (Adrian Quinta), a pair of handsome guys who are suspiciously charming.

In true Lifetime fashion, Claire and Sky fall in love quickly and it turns out to be a huge mistake. They end up stranded in a foreign country after leaving the ship for an excursion and discover that their attractive suitors are dangerous liars. What a nightmare, indeed. Luckily, it's not based on any real story, and it totally fictional. So you can just sit back and enjoy it for the sheer entertainment that it is.

Fox is known for her prominent roles in iconic movies such as Kill Bill, Independence Day and Set It Off, but she has been building a relationship with Lifetime for several years. Her personal IMDB page reveals that she is no stranger to the Wrong franchise. Fox has previously starred in and worked as a producer on The Wrong Man, The Wrong Crush, The Wrong Roommate, and The Wrong Child as different characters.

She recently spoke to PopCulture.com about stepping up into an executive producer role for The Wrong Cruise. “It warms my heart that I get to executive produce, call the shots, shape the script, and put another notch under my belt as a producer,” said Fox. “[Lifetime trusting me to start here] has really given me the opportunity to become a wonderful filmmaker in the future. That’s how a lot of people started off, from Drew Barrymore to Sandra Bullock, they started [by] doing smaller films. Every time they delivered, production companies trusted them in studios. And that’s the goal.”

Fox’s influence and longevity as an actor garnered praise from her co-star, Rogers, who posted about The Wrong Cruise on her Instagram page. Rogers thanked Fox for showing her love and said it was a blessing to have worked with her as well as her other co-stars Andres Londono and Adrian Quinta. The cast formed a bond during filming and even hung out together outside of the set.

Quinta also posted an Instagram picture of the cast having a great time while chilling court-side at a LA Sparks WNBA game. In a separate post, Quinta jokingly referred to the cast as a “dysfunctional family” and told his followers to enjoy Stranded, which must have been the original name for The Wrong Cruise.

Of course, this real-life camaraderie won't exist onscreen as Claire and Sky fight for their freedom against Dante and Rico. Lifetime movies usually end up with someone dead or in handcuffs, so it’s not looking good for the handsome scammers.

The details about The Wrong Cruise are very scarce, so there are a lot of questions that need answers. How will Claire and Sky escape a foreign country? What do Dante and Rico want from them? And, why did they target the Tanner women? All will be revealed when the movie premieres on Saturday. Grab the snacks and a seat on the couch for the latest, totally fictional, Lifetime thriller.

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