Cop Kat Von D Items Before They're Released


When Kat Von D announces a flash sale, you don’t ask questions, you just act. Through this special promotion, you’ll be able to get your hands on all-new Kat Von D products. Is there a limit to how much you can buy in Kat Von D’s Everlasting Flash Sale? This is a crucial piece of information.

When you’ve got the chance to shop new products, you’re probably going to want to purchase one for you and one for all of your friends, too. Since this is a limited edition offer, though, you may not be able to load your cart up as much as you’d like. These Everlasting Flash Sales will take place every first Wednesday of the month all throughout 2017. Each offer will expire after 48 hours, unless the item goes out of stock before time is up. Jan. 4 was the debut of the promo, but the never-been-released Everlasting Lipstick shade, Sanctuary, which was previously available for purchase has already sold out.

The Sephora website did state this is a limited edition offer, and warned customers that it may sell out quickly. There’s no information about exactly how many you'll be able to add to your cart in the future, but when you clicked the quantity box for this lippie, a drop down menu with options 1-10 popped up. The chance to buy as much as 10 items at a time would be incredible! Bustle has reached out to the brand for more information regarding the shopping policy.

This was an amazing shopping opportunity. And the more Kat Von D, you're able to add to your cart, the better. Heck, even just one of the sale items would do, you know?

It's no wonder this lippie flew off the virtual shelves. It's a gorgeous color, after all.

If you missed your chance to shop this shade, don't be discouraged. There will be more sales where this one came from!


This will be happening all throughout the year.

Besides, Kat Von D's got plenty of more products to release. You'll have plenty of opportunities to shop from this brand in 2017, so get excited!