More Too Faced Peach Products Are In Our Future

Too Faced's Peach Revolution may or may not be televised, but it's currently being Instagrammed! Brand founder and creative guru Jerrod Blandino teased a Too Faced Peach Revolution on his personal Instagram. Blandino often takes to his own Insta to share "sneaky peeks," as he likes to call them, of forthcoming launches. It's a beautiful, direct way for him to connect with the incredibly loyal faction of Too Facers.

Too Faced may be expanding the Sweet Peach line or creating an offshoot of the Sweet Peach line called "Peach Revolution" or doing a Peaches & Cream line. These speculations are based on hints and hashtags.

Here is what we can discern from Blandino's pretty and peachy post. It looks like lipsticks and compacts of some sort. There is a tube laying flat, as well. Could that be a cream highlighter or a peachy primer?

I can't quite tell and that's likely not an accident. Blandino did hashtag "Sephora Exclusive" in his caption. So whatever these products are, they're coming to Sephora.

And what are these ceramic-looking compacts? So adorbs. Too Faced's products are primo, namely their eyeshadows and their Melted Mattes. But the packaging and the product scents take things up a notch.

I am stoked for more peach in my life. Bustle reached out to Too Faced reps for further details about this peach extension.

UPDATE: Too Faced PR reps responded to let us know they could not provide any additional information at this time.

Let's unpack the Blandino "sneaky peek" posts.

A Peach Revolution, indeed! Notice that #TFP&C hashtag. Is that for "Too Faced Peaches & Cream?" Is this a Peaches & Cream line? Is it slightly different than Sweet Peach? A sub-Sweet Peach line? A connected but separate range? Who knows!

Could these be single-serve shadows? Blushes? Again, I cannot tell. The only concrete information we have is that more peach Too Faced products are coming to Sephora.

Here are some of the existing Sweet Peach items. Blandino and Too Faced have my rapt attention yet again!

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (3)