This 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Looks Totally Different With Her New Super-Short Rose Gold Hair

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fall is a time for change, and this one Pretty Little Liars actress accepted and met that challenge. Troian Bellisario has a rose gold bob now, ditching her long brown locks behind for something a little more statement-making.

Rose gold isn't a new "it" hair shade by any means, but that doesn't mean you can't still dabble in it. Celebs and common folks have been playing with the color since its boom to popularity last year, with stars like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Elle Fanning testing out the hair shade.

The bob haircut also has experienced a recent surge in allure, with more and more big-ticket celebs chopping off their long locks in favor of a sassy cut. Lauren Conrad recently underwent the chop, leaving behind her trademark tresses. Selena Gomez also reached for the scissors, debuting a length that almost skims her shoulders.

While popular, Bellisario's look isn't exactly cookie-cutter. Her bob curls in at the ends, giving off a slightly-retro vibe that makes you think of the Mod-girls from the '60s. She accompanied the flirty look with eyebrow-skimming bangs that split down the middle, adding her own twist to the look. As for the rose gold shade, the pinky hue comes in a bevvy of different hues. Not one shade suits everyone after all. Bellisario's particular color is a bleached peach shade that makes you think of jewelry, with dark roots at the top acting as an edgy contrast.

It's a huge change, and one that her fans support. "Any hair suits you," one commented. "I love your hair so much. Beautiful," another shared.

But one follower sensed this might just be a temporary look. Being more sharp-eyed than the rest of us, they pointed out, "Look behind her. Hair extensions everywhere. She's in a wig shop!"

If you take a peek over her shoulder, you do notice a line of extensions at a counter right behind her. She might very well have just been trying on a pink wig for the fun of it. But who knows! If it indeed isn't real, this could be just a dry run for the real deal.

If you're curious to see how other celebs rocked the hue, or want inspiration to take the plunge yourself, check out some popular transformations below.

Gigi Hadid

Wearing a wig for a photo shoot, Hadid excited fans with this shot rocking rose gold hair. Complete with bangs, this slightly blorange, rose gold hybrid showed a more playful side to the supermodel.

Hailey Baldwin

Just like Bellisario, Baldwin's hair has a dark root contrast at the top, with her pink hair looking like it has been growing out for a month or two. Her shade is a little darker, though, with a subtle ombre that switches between a pastel and golden pink.

Emma Roberts

Rocking a more bronzed shade than the others, Roberts' rose gold take looks more metallic. It has more of a copper color with pink undertones, much like strawberry blonde is blonde with pink undertones. If you have a job or school that doesn't approve of unnatural hair colors, this could be a good compromise for the trend.

Bella Hadid

The second Hadid sister embraced the dark-roots-and-ombre look that seems to be so in vogue with this particular color trend. Featuring black roots with metallic, pinkish strands that deepen into a pastel pink, it was a bold hair transformation for the brunette star.

If you're in the mood for your own change, follow in these celebs' footsteps and see if rose gold is your color, too.