Is Will Single After 'The Bachelorette'? He Seems To Be Doing His Own Thing

Paul Hebert/ABC

So many eliminations have taken place outside of rose ceremonies this season of The Bachelorette that it's hard to keep track, and on Tuesday night's episode, it happened again — this time to Will during a one-on-one date. And now that we know he doesn't end up with Rachel Lindsay at the end of the season, is Will single after The Bachelorette?

It's always hard to tell right after the show, since contestants can't reveal anything while the season is airing. But, we know that Will does want to find love, and he didn't find it with Rachel. So it stands to reason that he is still out there looking — and hopefully he finds it soon. I know Rachel wasn't feeling it with Will, but he's a catch and the right woman will find him, I just know it. And, now that he's been on The Bachelorette, maybe he can even parlay that into a stint on Bachelor in Paradise and meet someone there. It's pretty common for contestants to date each other, and there are a lot of amazing Bachelor Nation women out there.

As for what he's doing post-show, it isn't clear if he's dating anyone special, but he has been pretty busy. Here's what Will's been up to after Rachel sent him packing.

Promoting The Show

No hard feelings from this guy. He made not have found love, but it seems like he regards the experience fondly.

Hanging With His New Pals

As I've always said, I would go on the show just to get a squad. Those seem to last longer than the relationships anyway.

Supporting His Sister


Honoring His Family In General

Not only does he love his sister, but he's close with his father as well, for whom he posted this sweet Father's Day tribute.

And Talking Up His 15 Minutes

He may not have been on the show long, but Will built up quite a fan base in that time and most of his recent Instagrams have to do with the show. That's why I feel like, when he does date again, he may end up picking someone from the franchise — that's just the world he's in right now.

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