Jackie Aina Just Reviewed A Mystery Brand's Product

YouTuber is a great way to stay informed in the makeup world, but this time is a little different. Jackie Aina reviewed Wowder in her YouTube video, but couldn't tell which company made it. Yes, you read that right. The beauty guru has a sponsored review without actually being able to say who sponsored it. As you can guess, fans have a lot of questions about the new product, but they also have some guesses as to who the brand may be. Here's everything we know so far, so you don't miss a thing.

Let's start off with the basics. On July 11, Aina posted a video testing out new makeup to her YouTube channel. Seems like a normal video, right? Wrong! One of the new products was something called "Wowder." Basically, it's not a powder and not a liquid but came be used for setting, baking, and, as Aina shows, even bronzing.

As she said in the video, she was under strict instruction not to disclose the brand, but she did do a full review. According to the video, Aina is a fan of Wowder. She used it both with a beauty blender and a brush and described the consistency as a powder-ish product that could also be blended.

Once this review went up, guesses started to fly. Fans have some pretty good ideas about who the brand might be, and it all started with a simple Google search. When you search the name "Wowder" online, a Glossier trademark comes up. While the description — "cosmetics, make-up, face powder, and dusting powder — does sound like the product Aina used, nothing has been officially announced yet.

Either way, fans are excited about the product. Although no details about when people will be able to buy, it's raising some serious social media talk. Here's what people have to say.


People can't wait to see!

Does the font say it all?

Definitely a possibility.

People are stuck on Glossier.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see!