Jaden Smith's 'Twilight' Fan Video Will Give Twihards All Of The Feels

The Twilight Saga is one of the most well-known movie franchises from this century, whether you loved or you hated it, and it was the main focus of many teens' obsession back in 2008. And it seems that celebrities are not immune to the franchise's charms, because Jaden Smith made a Twilight music video featuring one of his songs, and it's the fanvid that Twihards didn't know they needed.

On Nov. 9, singer Harry Hudson released his new single, "Just Slide," featuring Smith. The song is sensual, smooth, and a total slow-jam. It's also just a really good song. All these things make it a perfect candidate to be on at least one of the Twilight soundtracks, as they're known for being full of lesser-known bops. However, there doesn't appear to be any new Twilight albums on the horizon, so Smith took matters into his own hands, because he's a giver. And a pretty big Twilight stan.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, Smith posted a video with the caption "#JustSlide." This isn't an official video for the song though, instead it features the slow jam playing over Bella and Edward's wedding scene. The original scene features the song "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last, but Smith's new version totally works.

Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the lyrics go surprisingly well with the content. The video highlights Smith's bridge and last verse, along with the main chorus. It starts: "Girl I know you got a man, but we only talkin'," which is accurate, because technically, Edward was out of the picture and Bella, to save her sanity, picked up a friendship with Jacob. And that almost (sort of) became a love story of its own. After a little trip to Italy though, all roads led to this Cullen wedding.

Another line of the bridge goes: "Hate saying bye to you, it's the hardest/Oh she's a goddess, one day they'll tell our story/I promise." Again, true on both accounts. For one, being apart almost literally killed them both. And two, people like Smith are still talking about their love story a decade after the 2008 premiere of the first movie.

The last verse, rapped by Smith, has a pretty distinct Team Edward vibe, and it goes:

"Lying in bed, hiding all of my sorrows, your eyes/Keep me going, girl without you I could never survive/You ain't hit me back tonight but tomorrow"

Sorrows? Promises of not surviving separation? Constant contact with the love of his life? If that doesn't scream Edward Cullen, nothing does.

Fans of Smith shouldn't really be surprised by this fanvid, though. The rapper's love affair with Twilight is nothing new whatsoever, and he's been pretty outspoken about his immense appreciation for the film in the past.

It's possible that he could just be trolling fans, but he also included a little hint to his genuineness in one of his earlier songs. In his mixtape The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1, his song "Starry Room," which features a very hurt Smith and some really deep lyrics, also has the line, "I play Bella's Lullaby, while I cry on the piano." Any Twilight fan who was Team Edward has at one point in their lives likely played "Bella's Lullaby" when they were sad. After all, it is the perfect tune to cry to. Smith has been sharing his love for the franchise for ages, and fans should be grateful for the awesomeness that he's contributed to the Twilight community.

The song, itself, is definitely one to have on repeat. It's the first single for Hudson since his debut album from earlier this year, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night. While it feels like Smith has been making music almost nonstop this past year, this is his first single with longtime friend, Hudson. Adding a little bit of Twilight love to this mix was certainly just the right dash of fandom goodness to make it just as immortal as Edward.