The One Spoiler You Missed In The 'Game Of Thones' Episode 5 Trailer

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Game of Thrones fans always knew that Jaime Lannister was the kind of guy who was willing to break an oath, but Season 8 has proven that he's also willing to break a heart if need be. After leaving Brienne in the middle of the night, Jaime is seen riding out into the darkness of the North without expressing any intent or plan aside from reuniting with Cersei. While fans likely won't know what Jaime's plan for Cersei is until he's enacted such plan, the trailer for the show's penultimate episode suggests that he's got more in mind than simply walking into King's Landing and hoping that Cersei takes him back. But many fans missed the Kingslayer's appearance in the trailer, proving that his simple disguise is much more effective than it appears.

The Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 trailer features scenes familiar to fans — Cersei looking out over King's Landing, Jon Snow in command of an army that he doesn't know how to properly utilize, Tyrion approaching Daenerys to tell her something isn't a good idea — but the sight of a figure in a black cloak walking through a Golden Company blockade in the streets of King's Landing raised some eyebrows.

Luka Nieto Garay, deputy editor of the GoT fansite Watchers On The Wall, pointed out the figure lurking in the background of the trailers, fostering speculation among fans. While there's always a chance that famously cloaked GoT characters like Jaqen H'ghar or Benjen Stark could return and try to sneak their way through the Golden Company, the most obvious conclusion is that Jaime Lannister has returned to King's Landing in the same cloak he wore to Winterfell — but to what end?

Jaime Lannister's fate seems to be inseparable from Cersei's. Even after fighting alongside Starks and Dany, the daughter of the King he had killed, and getting intimate with Brienne, Jaime still can't emotionally free himself from his long, torrid, toxic love affair with his sister.

As Game of Thrones is reaching the end of its story, it's safe to presume that Jaime's attempt to reunite with Cersei will possibly end in some bloodshed but the question of whose blood will be spilled hangs heavy over his arrival. When he walked away from Brienne he reminded her that he was just as "hateful" as his sister before riding off — does that mean he's hateful enough to join her army and defend her or hateful enough to kill her finally?

Could Jaime and Cersei rekindle their love? Euron probably wouldn't be too fond of that and could take it out on the Lannisters with one of those massive arrows he's always firing at dragons. Will Cersei see Jaime as a threat and have her own brother, the love of her life and the father of her three children, murdered for his betrayals against the family? Will Jaime become a Queenslayer in addition to a Kingslayer? The clock is ticking on Game of Thrones, and Jaime has to make a decision soon.

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