If You Freaked Out Over Jaime Lannister’s Dark Hair On ‘Game of Thrones,' You Weren't Alone

Season 8 of Game of Thrones officially began on Sunday, April 14, and the premiere was met with much excitement from fans everywhere. Many major characters met for the first time, others reunited — Jon and Arya's long-awaited reunion was a particular highlight — and then there was the meeting of Jaime and Bran. But it wasn't just their reunion that stunned fans, it was Jaime Lannister's new hair on Game of Thrones that had viewers perplexed, to say the least.

Jaime Lannister didn't appear in the Season 8 premiere, titled "Winterfell," until the very end, but when he did show up, he made quite the entrance. Ridding a horse into Winterfell, covering his identity with a hooded cloak, he seemed intent on keeping his arrival quiet. But there was no mistaking him when he took off his hood, and revealed his shockingly grey hair. And while it might be easy to get caught up in the knowing look he exchanged with Bran upon his arrival just before the episode ended (remember, the last time they met, Jaime was pushing Bran out of a window), trust Twitter to focus on what's important: Jaime's new hair.

Of course, this darker look could be chalked up to the lighting of Winterfell, which is often dark and dreary. But, other characters with light or colored hair appear normal, like Sansa and Daenerys. So, yes, it looks like our dear, blonde, Jaime has officially either gone grey or gone dark.

Jaime is clearly hoping to atone for his sins to everyone there and work with the North to fight the army of the dead. And, last we saw him, he was riding North, abandoning Cersei and any royal protections he might have had by her side. It's possible that the new do was a way to ensure safe travels without getting stopped or robbed for being connected to the Lannister family. Sansa previously dyed her hair before when traveling with Littlefinger for this very reason, so it wouldn't be unheard of.

However, if he thought he could just go to Winterfell and be forgiven by any former enemies, he is mistaken. He killed Daenerys' father, and even though The Mad King was volatile and murderous, the new Queen blames Jaime for having to flee her home. And absolutely none of the Starks will let him get away with his hand in all of their misfortunes and their father's execution, not to mention his attempted murder of Bran.

Another frenemy Jaime is going to have to face is his brother, Tyrion, who has a slightly better relationship with him; they've always had their differences and been on opposite sides, but still tend to talk things out and help one another in some way. With that in mind, some other Twitter users pointed out that Tyrion's hair is also a tad darker now that he's out of Cersei's clutches.

As user @citizencain602 pointed out, could this hair scheme be on purpose and meant to signify the splitting of House Lannister? It's possible, for sure. When Jaime left King's Landing in the Season 7 finale, his hair was already less golden than Cersei's, and was definitely getting darker. Fans have seen Jaime stray further from his sister in the last few seasons, so his hair color could very well be symbolic of this change in allegiances.

Of course, whether or not his loyalties have really changed, his fate will now lie in the hands of the Starks and Daenerys. And it's going to take more than dark hair to convince them that he's changed.