Shaggy & James Corden Remade “It Wasn’t Me” — And It's All About Trump

Shaggy's hit song "It Wasn't Me" became the year's top-selling single in 2001. Now, 17 years later, the reggae-pop earworm got a political reboot. Appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Shaggy debuted a Trump "It Wasn't Me," a remake of the original with some lyrical rewrites to describe President Trump's attempts to evade special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Sporting a blonde wig and a typical red tie, Shaggy depicts Trump throughout the sketch as he tries to escape the Oval Office. A grey-wigged and grey-suited Corden, in the role of Mueller, corners Shaggy's Trump and outlines all the evidence he's gathered that the POTUS and his campaign were involved in Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 election.

The song's chorus ("It wasn't me") — a kind of mantra for cheating SOs everywhere in its original 2001 version — works pretty darn well as a humorous take on Trump's repeated denials of any Russian collusion.

And the version put together by Corden and Shaggy does not skimp on details. Close followers of Mueller's investigation into the Russian saga will recognize plenty of details in the lyrics. Fans of attentive set design will be similarly not disappointed.

Below are just a few of the can't-miss moments from the "It Wasn't Me" Trump spoof.

Discreetly Placed (And Gold-Plated) Shaggy-As-Trump Photo

The opening scene takes place in the Oval Office, where a gold-plated frame of President (Shaggy) Trump has been discreetly placed on a side table. That kind of blink-and-you-miss-it detail indicates some laudable attention to set design.

Direct Quotes From Trump Tweets

Trump likes Twitter for his go-to response to all things Trump-related. Notable for its brevity, Trump has often simply written "No Collusion!" or complained about a "Witch Hunt!"

Shaggy does too, answering Mueller's knock by shouting "No Collusion!" and "You're the puppet!" The latter is a direct line from Trump to Hillary Clinton during one of their presidential debates.

Back-Up FBI Dancers

FBI agents nailing their choreography in the background is probably the best element of the entire spoof. It's gonna be hard to ever look at the FBI the same after this.

Big, Red, Unmissable "Nuclear Button" On Trump's Desk (Also, Gold-plated)

In a bonus allusion to Trump's Twitter feud with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — wherein Trump tweeted about his "Nuclear Button" being "much bigger and more powerful" — the Corden/Shaggy video features just such a prop with the delightful addition of (yep) gold plating. Corden's Mueller tactfully moves said button out of the POTUS' range.

Throwback To Trump Firing James Comey.

In Corden and Shaggy's telling, Trump regrets his decision to oust former FBI director James Comey. "I never should have fired James Comey last summer," he sings, while throwing papers at the television screen. It's possible that Trump has put himself in legal jeopardy with statements indicating he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.

Thank Him For The Brevity: Corden's Catchy Summation Of Evidence, Part One

The Russia investigation can feel endlessly perplex at times. Corden's Mueller has two verses that sum up certain aspects of the evidence in a neat little rhyme.

"Manafort committed tax fraud/had shady dealings abroad/so many staffers who could be bought/ how did you think you wouldn't be caught?"

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

There's no evidence Trump has ever drawn a heart around a picture of Vladimir Putin's face. There is, however, ample evidence that Trump tries very hard not to say anything negative about the Russian president. With limited time and lyrical space, the video producers trusted that a picture could say all they needed it to.

Trump's Love Of Junk Food Meets Mueller's Love Of Gathering Evidence

There's a scene where Corden's Mueller wrests a half-eaten donut out of the hand of Shaggy's Trump. Then he puts it in an evidence bag, perfectly encapsulating Mueller's reputation as fastidious about fulfilling his job.

Thank Him For The Brevity: Corden's Catchy Summation Of Evidence, Part Two

"I'll subpoena you to testify in front of a grand jury/Just know five of your associates have already pled guilty."

Crying "Fake News" Is The Plan.

Shaggy sings that he'll "Stick to the plan — attack the 'fake news.'" It's a tactic Trump has turned to often, calling dozens of entities and reports "fake news," particularly when a news cycle doesn't favor him.

"Should We Talk About The Pee Tape?"

The most salacious allegations related to the Russian investigation came out of the notorious "Steele dossier." According to Christopher Steele, the former British spy who put the evidence together, Trump was recorded engaging in so-called "golden showers" with multiple hired women while in Russia. Trump has denied these allegations, and recent reporting suggests even the dossier's authors doubted the story's credibility.

However, in Corden's rendition, Mueller has taken possession of the tape. Shaggy's Trump doesn't seem terribly concerned.

The entire "It Wasn't Me" spoof is full of commentary on and about the investigation, with enough details about both Mueller's work and Trump's denials to keep viewers paying close attention.