Twitter SUPER Noticed The Look On James Franco's Face When He Didn't Win A SAG Award

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since James Franco was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for The Disaster Artist (set decoration: Susan Lynch) at the 2018 SAG Awards, there was a chance that the actor would pick up the statuette for his Tommy Wiseau portrayal. But James Franco didn't win a SAG Award — that honor went to Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour instead.

Still, Franco's loss was interesting to people on Twitter in light of recent allegations of sexual misconduct against him in the Los Angeles Times (Franco has said the accusations are "not accurate") that were made public just days after Franco wore a Time's Up at the Golden Globes and snagged the award for Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical. While there was speculation that Franco would not attend the SAG Awards in light of the allegations against him, Franco was indeed at the event, though he appeared to have skipped the red carpet. And when the camera focused on his face as he learned he didn't win a SAG, people couldn't help but notice that he looked a little bit relieved that he wouldn't have to stand up and give a speech.

Here's a clip so you can see for yourself:

Franco's decision to be present at the ceremony has clearly come with increased scrutiny, though Franco still experienced that when he made the decision to skip the Critics' Choice Awards on Jan. 11, the day the Los Angeles Times story containing five women's allegations of sexual misconduct against Franco broke (Franco still won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy that night).

Unlike Franco, Aziz Ansari opted not to attend the event. Like Franco, Ansari had recently come under some scrutiny following sexual misconduct allegations against him from a New York photographer published by babe.net (Ansari told babe.net he "continues to support the movement in our culture" and that he did not think he made the woman in question uncomfortable). Some even noted on Twitter that Franco maybe should have taken a page out of Ansari's book and skipped the event. Alas, the Disaster Artist star was indeed there, which meant people had a lot to say about it. Here's what people had to say about a somewhat relieved-looking Franco at the SAG Awards.

"Welp" Is Right

One Twitter user said that oddly enough, Franco looked happy to have lost the award. Maybe he didn't want to take the stage?

"So Relieved"

Another user noted Franco's seeming relief at losing the award. They even added a skull emoji for good measure, meaning they were probably shocked by the actor's reaction.

A Sigh Of Relief, Apparently

Like many others, user maj noted that Franco displayed a sigh of relief when he lost... which isn't exactly the typical reaction to a loss.

Was It Really, Though?

One user questioned whether it really was relief that Franco was feeling in that moment. No one will know for sure but... it did kind of look like the actor was glad to not have to take the stage.

While many noted that Franco was relieved to not win, others were occupied with the fact that he was there in the first place, considering the allegations and Ansari's absence.

Shocked That He's There

This Twitter user was definitely surprised to see the Disaster Artist star, especially because of recent allegations surrounding him.

Why's He There?

Another SAG viewer was wondering why Franco was there. They even said, "Stop supporting him", because of his appearance at the event.


Yet another SAG viewer was surprised to see the actor there, echoing what many were probably thinking.

Regardless of whether Franco was relieved or not, it's safe to say that a lot of Twitter users certainly had an opinion on his reaction and his presence at the show in the first place.