Jamie Dornan Teaches You Plenty Of Ways To Say "Drunk"

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It is St. Patrick's Day, which for us Americans, is just another day to drink ourselves into oblivion and not feel too bad about it. But, as my Irish roommate reminded me this morning, St. Paddy's Day is actually a very big deal over in the homeland and, yes, everyone gets very drunk there, too. And it sounds like the Irish have gotten very creative in describing the aftermath of their favorite past time. To celebrate this holiday, Jimmy Kimmel invited Northern Irishman Jamie Dornan to say 41 different Irish words for "drunk," and it's proof that Dornan can make everything look very, very attractive.

You might not think there's any use in knowing the 41 different Irish slang words for drunk, but you are sorely mistaken. Imagine you are deep into your fourth freshly poured Guinness and see a cutie across the bar. Wouldn't it be way more impressive if you told them you were "huffle-puffed" instead of drunk? Now their reaction can go many ways, but it'll definitely nab some attention!

In the video, Dornan sits handsomely at a bar, sipping a beer in a wool cardigan, looking very perfect, and he starts off with the well-known in America iterations of "drunk," such as "hammered," "intoxicated," and "inebriated." Those were just a warm-up, though, as Dornan quickly shows us that the Irish like to get very creative:

The most head-scratching euphemisms for me were definitely "out of your tree," "fanny-packed," and "steam-pigged," which I venture to say would conjure up a lot of strange responses if we were to use them over here in the States, but Dornan just makes me it look oh so good. Here's to getting cheeze-nozzled tonight!