'Jane The Virgin's' Mysterious Narrator Will Be Revealed

by Sydney Bucksbaum
The CW

It's no secret that the best character on Jane the Virgin has never actually been seen on The CW's telenovela series. The mysterious Narrator (voiced by Anthony Mendez), always heard but never shown, says what's on everyone's minds. Sometimes he even takes the words right out of my mouth! Sarcastic, enthusiastic, snarky and sometimes downright savage, the Narrator's identity has never been revealed ... but that's going to change. Get ready to meet the man behind the enigmatic presence on Jane the Virgin.

"You'll find out in the last episode of the series [who the Narrator is]," Jane the Virgin executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman revealed to gasps and applause during the show's For Your Emmy Consideration panel in Los Angeles last week.

The CW

But if you, like me, can't wait that long to find out who your spirit animal is (that's actually how I refer to the Narrator when talking about this show to friends, family and random strangers, #noshame), then have I got news for you. According to Snyder Urman, there are hints on the show already about the Narrator's identity.

"There are so many clues already in the show," she says. "There are a lot."

Excuse me?! *Read in a Narrator voice* This is a twist, straight out of a telenovela!

If that's true, then we can assume a few things about the Narrator's identity. 1. He's a character we already know/have met on the show. 2. He's been around since the very beginning of the series and will stick around until the very end. 3. He is intimately involved in Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) life and story.

Based on these three assumptions, I put my detective cap on and busted the case wide open. The likeliest suspect for the Narrator is none other than Jane's son Mateo (Joseph Sanders).

The CW

Here me out. The Narrator is telling us Jane's story beginning with when she was accidentally artificially inseminated, aka the beginning of Mateo's life. Everything that has happened since, from relationships to career changes, has been because of Mateo's inception. He knows about everything before it happens, like when he foreshadowed Michael's (Brett Dier) death seasons before it happened, because he's telling us his life story from some point in the future. That makes sense if the reveal in the series finale is adult Mateo catching up to his present. It's been proven that the Narrator is, in fact, a reliable narrator, telling us the truth even if it's tinged with his feelings and honest-yet-biased reactions.

Who else would know so much about Jane, Mateo's father Rafael (Justin Baldoni), and the rest of their family members' lives than the child who brought them all together? Who else would be so invested in the life of this miracle baby and the people raising him? The Narrator so clearly has a relationship with all these characters, and little, mischievous Mateo makes the most sense.

But hopefully I'll have to wait a long, long time to find out if my theory is right, because I'm not ready to say goodbye to Jane the Virgin anytime soon.