January’s Total Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Sign In A Huge Way

by Brittany Bennett
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We opened 2018 with a full moon on Jan. 1, and we'll end the first month of the year with yet another full moon on Jan. 31, too. Now that's what I call kismet. Needless to say, this has been quite the month for journaling. And I hope there are a few pages left in your diary. Though, the Jan. 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse astrology predictions will have you more so doodling your perfect world. You might be more inspired to organize a to-do list, the written version of the vision board, than spilling feelings on lined sheets.

As us Earthlings view the Total Lunar Eclipse, Earth will literally be perfectly sandwiched between the moon and Sun, giving it a red glow — in fact, it's because of this tint that a moon undergoing a Total Lunar Eclipse is called a Blood Moon. I can confidently predict that we'll all be dazed by the red hue of the moon. As for what this means in the universe of the stars and astrology? Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of metaphor. Lunar Eclipses reflect the things within us that might not exactly be primped for the self we like to portray on social media. But these shadow sides of us are what make us whole. It's a good time to get in touch with your feelings and learn something that will ultimately be beneficial.

This Total Lunar Eclipse falls in Leo. And according to astrologist Chani Nicholas on his website, "this eclipse wants to take you deeper into the lessons of living out your glory." So take Nicholas' advice and locate your nearest tiara.


The Lunar Eclipse will be illuminating your house of creativity, romance, and children. According to Cafe Astrology, something that's been "hiding" might come to light in one of these areas. Don't be afraid to proceed ahead in your projects, but take notes of what hasn't been working when it comes to your creative projects, especially if you're self doubt is what's holding you back.


Are things starting to seem ... off? You might start to notice that a shelf is not actually centered on your wall. The Eclipse shines in on your home life, according to Astrostyle. If you're not brimming with happiness about where you are or how the house plants are arranged, you'll start to see clearly what needs to change in order to achieve that brimming happiness.


The Moon, like a spotlight, illuminates your ways of communication. As the Moon becomes shaded by the Earth's shadow, you might need to reassess your words or how you deliver them. Nicholas advised, "Some rituals might need to be edited from your schedule. Some sentiments might need to be edited from your repertoire." This, of course, is for the twins' ultimate benefit. It's all about keeping the energy positive and the path moving forward. Forward thinking and speaking, Gem!


It's time to venture out of the shell, for real. Nicholas said about the Lunar Eclipse in your sign, "ot brings with it the illumination of your talents. Highlighting the assets that most want to be accessed." The Eclipse could help you uncover hidden talents or pathways to creativity you hadn't previously thought of. Sit on these ideas like a mama chicken on her nest of eggs and develop them!


This Lunar Eclipse is in Leo. So, that's fun. According to Astrostyle, "If a certain situation hasn't worked out as you hoped, you'll be fueled with determination to start again." There's a lot up in the air and the Eclipse will illuminate where exactly your energy should be directed to and what you need to focus a little less on to achieve what you want.


If it seems like there are a lot of chapters closing at once, don't let it overwhelm you. Nicholas advised to, "Trust what leaves your life at this point." It could hurt and a series of endings might feel more like a mess of rubble, but it could be something that you're ultimately grateful for. Hashtag: rebuild.


Full Moons typically ask us to examine our lives and cleanse what no longer serves us. The Lunar Eclipse is no different for Libras. There could be people you no longer vibe with, but there's a whole, new, unexpected world of opportunities at the other side of the Eclipse. Astrostyle said, "This eclipse reminds you not to stay past your prime." If you're ready to move on, let the red tint of the moon be the spotlight that guides your way out. There is an exciting new, supportive community ahead.


The Eclipse is eclipse-ing in the house that rules your career. And this is a very exciting time. Nicholas said, "You’ll be witnessed for all your efforts, so make sure that you are putting work into what you most want to flourish." Focus your energy on what is most long term and can carry you further into the prosperity of your future.


Influx of Instagram followers much? The adventurous sign might as well also be projected onto the moon for everyone on Earth to gawk at. Astrostyle predicted, "Eclipses bring surprising turns of events, and this one wants to act as your megaphone, broadcasting your dream to a wider audience." You might as well always be prepared for your close up because you never know when a camera will be in your face. Just be careful with what you say and how you use your platform!


How have things been going with your partnerships? They'll either be yielding rewarding results or be the source of the string of headaches you've been dealing with. Nicholas said of this Eclipse's illumination of your partnerships, "The choice will be clear as will the illustration of all you have given and all that you get back." Might I recommend a listen to The Clash "Should I Stay or Should I Go"?


After this Eclipse, consider yourself a master in relationships. The ones with lovers and the ones with ourselves. The lessons are on-going, but, "in their exposure," Nicholas said, "they will make their remedies known." Just have patience and be gentle and operate as honestly as you can with yourself. Also, there's always ice cream.


It could be very obvious what needs to change during this Eclipse, Pisces. Astrostyle said, "this lunar eclipse will give you a booster shot of self-worth, along with a side of outrage if you've been settling (and paying) for less than you deserve at work." As advised by Astrostyle, don't let this get the best of you and instead, stay focused on the resolve.