This J.Crew x Eastpak Collection Will Make You Feel Like It's The '90s

J. Crew

When you think of J.Crew, you don't necessarily think of '90s nostalgia. The preppy brand has a penchant for sherbet-colored cashmere cardigans and playful prints, but it's going in a new, youthful direction with its new J.Crew x Eastpak collaboration.

The two brands have teamed up to create a capsule collection of fall accessories, which are meant to be minimalist enough for everyday use, but with a punch of personality. Last spring J.Crew had released a lineup of exclusive collaborations with a series of iconic streetwear and athletic brands, bringing a new look to their usual collection. They had teamed up with Eastpak to create a series of durable and stylish bags, New Balance to get on top of the sneaker trend (and created a "hairy" suede colorway kick,) the English label Barcuta for chic jackets, and iconic labels like Vans and Nike for a series of shoes.

This fall the collaborations are continuing, but two stand outs in the pack were the pink velvet pieces from their Eastpak series. Eastpak, which was originally a supplier to the U.S. Army, specializes in all things bags, and you probably owned a backpack or two from them when you were going to grade school or junior high. In that same childhood-throwback vein, they created a velvet pink backpack and fanny pack that is sure to be a standout in your fall wardrobe.

The Orbit Backpack in pink velvet is on the smaller side than a full-on school bag, where it's just big enough to fit a tablet and carry your essentials. Thirteen inches in height and 10 liters in volume, it's medium sized. Featuring two compartments — the main one and then an outside, zippered pocket — it comes in a velvety pink that Cher Horowitz herself would approve of. To further lean into the '90s accents, it also has small bungee cords attached to its zippers.

"Dedicated to fuss-free and hard-wearing accessories, they created the ultimate not-too-small, not-too-large backpack," the product description reads. "Bonus: This playful pink version was dreamt up by our design team and can be found here and only here."

If you're not one for backpacks, then there is also a fanny pack option to choose from. Sporting the same crushed velvet material, it adds a '90s athletic look to your outfit. Called the "Springer Fanny Pack," it costs a little less than the backpack, coming in at an affordable $35. According to the product description, you can wear it across your waist or sling it across your torso. While the backpack was on the smaller side, the fanny pack is on the bigger side, where it is six inches in height and nine inches in width.

J.Crew also featured their backpack on their Instagram account, letting you see it outside of the product photo and out in real life. People were quick to pick up on the '90s vibes in the comments section, where one user wrote, "Yes! Bringing back all my childhood with this Eastpak!"

Both of the pieces are already available in J.Crew, both on their website and in-store.