Here's Where You Can Buy Jennifer Lopez's Charitable "Girl Boss" Sweatshirt

by Kali Borovic
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Feminist fashion was in full force in 2017, and it looks like this year is no different. According to PopSugar, Jennifer Lopez wore a Girl Boss sweatshirt on her way to the gym, and it turns out you can snag the look pretty easily. This charitable top makes more than just a sartorial statement too. If you haven't made it your personal mission to reclaim the word "boss" yet, this is the perfect time.

Lopez is no stranger to a great graphic tee. She's rocked her fair share of quirky sweatshirts in the past month alone, but her latest could be the best yet. The singer wore a top that reads "Girl Boss" on the front on her way to the gym. It's not the typical phrase that you're used to seeing though. The sweatshirt had the word "girl" crossed out with the word "boss" underneath, insinuating that the two are synonymous.

The clothing item is a lot more than just a way to spread a girl power message though. The $155 Girl Boss sweatshirt is from the brand Milly. The design is a collaboration with Girls Inc. The 501 non-profit organization "encourages all girls to be 'Strong, Smart, and Bold' through direct service and advocacy." For each shirt sold, 20 percent of the proceeds go towards the organization.

There's no doubt that the phrase is meant to be a girl power cry, but the phrase goes much further than that. Instead of just insinuating that girls can be the boss, the shirt is making girl and boss synonyms for each other.

The idea goes back to the fact that women who are stern in the office, classroom, or pretty much anywhere are often called bossy. In recent year, especially since the early 2010s when the book Lean In was published, women have been pushing to reclaim the word boss, making it a positive instead of a negative.

Of course, Lopez didn't say exactly why she wore the shirt. Heck, she didn't even post a photo of herself wearing the outfit on social media. But there's a good chance that she's not just wearing the shirt as a coincidence. Either way, this is a sweatshirt that you'll want to stock up on in time for the 2018 Women's March.

Girl Boss Hoodie, $155, Milly

This isn't the only top that the brand has in collaboration with Girls. Inc., either. The brand has 13 different shirts, five sweatshirts, and three bags with girl power slogans on them. Each one says things like "Grl Pwr," "Superhero," and "SHEO > CEO" on them. All of them donate 20 percent of proceeds to Girls. Inc.

The only downfall of the collection is the price. Each items ranges from $45 to $155, which is definitely on the pricey side. While that means that $9 to $30 gets donated to the non-profit with every purchase, it also means that not everyone can get their hands on the collection.

To be fair, every item on the Milly site is high-end, but the price of the charitable collection makes it extremely selective. While the slogans should be something that everyone can embrace, the price says differently. Because Lopez might have $155 to shell out for a sweatshirt, but not every other feminist is in the position to do so.

Girls Inc. Girl Boss Pouch, $45, Milly

Regardless of the price or why Lopez wore the sweatshirt, the message is just as powerful. Fashion has the power to spread a message without even opening your mouth, and this collection proves it. Because what you wear matters and where the money goes does too.