'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww & Her Husband Have Reportedly Split After 3 Years Of Marriage

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Jersey Shore viewers saw Jenni "JWoww" Farley's relationship with Roger Mathews from the very beginning. Now, it has come to an end. JWoww has filed for divorce from Roger Mathews according to a report from Asbury Park Press. The publication reportedly got a hold of the divorce complaint, which was filed in Ocean County, New Jersey on Sept. 12. The filing cited the common "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind the split. JWoww's reps had no comment for Bustle on the reports.

UPDATED, 10:16 PM ET: Mathews confirmed the split in a video posted to his Instagram account late on Thursday night. "We filed for divorce, it's true," he said in the video. "There's no cheating or any dumb sh*t or an juicy details. It's just she grew tired of the repetitive pattern we fell into."

Earlier: According to the newspaper, JWoww's filing said,

"The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation."

As of this moment there has not been any specific reasons given for the dissolution of the marriage, but considering that this relationship has been in the public eye for years, that is bound to happen eventually.

In an April 2018 Instagram post, Mathews hinted at trouble in their marriage with a very lengthy caption. He wrote,

"My wife and I agree we are sick of celeb couples pretending to have the perfect relationship and when they separate they come out with some PC statement that someone else wrote about how they are the best of friends still. Some people actually buy into that sh*t and are 'devastated' their favorite couple broke up."

That is all too ironic to read at this point.

He also wrote, "Well we gonna keep it real for you. Some days it’s a struggle to stay together. Some days she calls me a f*cking dIck head (cause I am). Some days the grass looks greener on the other side. We aren’t even close to perfect and I have no intention on pretending that we are. But we are perfectly imperfect for each other." Apparently that is not the case since JWoww decided to file.

For her part, the last time the Jersey Shore star posted anything on Instagram with her husband was on August 14. She shared a video of them driving while their daughter sang in the car. To be fair, Instagram is not an indication of anyone's relationship status, but it really wasn't too long ago that they were happily hanging as a family. Then again, it seems that JWoww is no longer following Mathews on Instagram, even though he is still following her.

Even though the former couple has not publicly addressed the split yet, fans of theirs couldn't help sharing their sadness on Twitter. One of them tweeted, "JWoww and Roger getting a divorce is really putting a damper on my whole day." That's for sure. Just imagine how JWoww and Mathews feel themselves if their fans are taking the split this hard.

One fan even viewed the reported impending divorce as a bad omen for their own personal relationship, tweeting, "this sucks. i thought me and halley were gonna be together 4eva, but apparently jwoww just filed for divorce sooo...."

There were actually multiple fans who took this reported split personally. One person tweeted, "Me mourning Jwoww and Rogers divorce. I no longer believe in love" along with a GIF of Will Ferrell crying and attempting to drink a glass of wine.

Normally, Thursday nights are reserved for watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The fact that this news ended up breaking on a Thursday just brings such a sadness to Jerzday. One viewer tweeted, "Damn Roger and Jwoww getting a divorce. Not the way this #Jerzday was supposed to go."

And of course, it was bound to happen: someone had to employ that eternally infamous GIF of Tyra Banks yelling. It is just so applicable here.

As "normal" as JWoww and Mathews have seemed throughout the years on television and on social media, their relationship has been in the spotlight this entire time. It makes perfect sense for them to try and get as much privacy as they can during this time, but it's also not surprising that their fans are just so invested.