What These Four Celebs Have Learned About Themselves During Quarantine

Courtesy of Jenna Dewan, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, and Busy Philipps

Whether you're quarantining at home by yourself, with your partner, or with the entire family (kids included!), one thing is universal: we're all learning a lot about ourselves during this time. Since stay-at-home orders have been put in place across the world over the last couple of months, many have had the time (oh, the amount of time we have!) to look in the mirror and confront, address, or maybe completely ignore things they previously didn't know about themselves. For celebrity moms Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Jenna Dewan, and Busy Philipps, that couldn't be more true.

On Saturday, May 9, Alba, Saldana, Dewan, and Philipps will (virtually) join Nicole Richie for an Instagram Live event with Baby2Baby in an effort to support moms in need across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new feature with Romper, the four celeb ambassadors opened up about their lives in quarantine ahead of a Mother's Day that will surely look like no other. The one thing they've all learned during this time? Throw the rules out the window.

"Bedtime has become later and later in our house," Alba told Romper. Philipps shares a similar quarantine energy by bravely professing that "screen time is anytime" in her house during the pandemic.

Well-aligned with them are Dewan and Saldana, who shared with Romper that they have both taken a more slowed down approach to parenting (and living) while staying safe and at home. According to Dewan, who welcomed her second child in early March, that meant accepting the downtime that she and her daughter, Evie, need together. "[I've learned] how happy I am just being — nothing to do, nowhere to go, and slowing down!" she said. "The family time has been so healing and a lot of fun."

For her part, Saldana has found happiness in the additional time she and her husband have with their three kids. "Two weeks into quarantine, one of our twins sat us down and told us to please be happier and stop doing so many 'jores' all the time," she told Romper. Her 5-year-old son meant "chores," she clarified, but his request was taken to heart. "We are behind on so many of these 'jores,' but we play and interact with our boys more now than ever, and that has made us happier," Saldana said.

Loosening up on rules isn't the only thing these women all have in common during quarantine. Even though it feels like time simply doesn't exist anymore, five minutes alone for a mom is key, which is why Philipps, Dewan, Saldana, and Alba all fully recognize the benefit of self-care.

Dewan and Saldana said that if given five minutes of alone time, they'd both take a moment to just be and use any remaining time to reach out to family and friends. "I sit and let my mind idle for two minutes," Saldana told Romper. "Then I spend the other three minutes reaching out to loved ones and checking in with them." Alba echoed that sentiment and said she'd use her time for "a face mask and a deep breath." Similarly, Philipps, who outlined the perfect Mother's Day in under 20 words, also wants to indulge in skincare. She told Romper, "I really wish I could get a facial for like four hours. And then nachos."

While staying at home may seem like a "jore" at times, it has given people, including these celeb moms, time to reflect. "I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things again," Saldana told Romper, "From making the boys breakfast, to cleaning my closet, to playing a card game with my husband. I have found happiness in those little moments spent doing things with my family."

Now these Baby2Baby ambassadors are joining forces to bring happiness and support to every mother. And you can help children and mother's living in poverty too, by tuning in to Baby2Baby's Instagram Live on Saturday, May 9, at 12 p.m. PST.