Yep, Jessica Simpson's Dad Is On 'Pump Rules'

Charles Sykes/Bravo

As if Vanderpump Rules need anymore weirdness, now the most random person is making an appearance. During the Bravo series' new episode airing Monday, Feb. 6, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz meet Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe Simpson. Apparently, Joe is now a photographer and Sandoval booked a gig with him. Like the best BFF he is, Schwartz was invited to tag along. What makes this particular scene all the more entertaining is Schwartz's reaction.

Seeing as he was once a huge fan of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, starring Jessica and her ex-husband and 98 Degrees member, Nick Lachey, Schwartz has a hard time containing his excitement over not only meeting Jessica's dad, but also his friend getting a chance to work with him.

He says in the clip, "I remember being in college, just sitting on my couch, watching Newlyweds, watching Joe Simpson on TV." He continues to geek out by adding, "And now, Tom hits me up, and he's like, 'I'm going to shoot with Joe Simpson.' Maybe, like, Jessica Simpson will pop out!"

Unfortunately, she did not "pop out," but at least Schwartz's was partially satisfied. I mean, he did come face to face with Papa Simpson. Before they even get inside to begin work, Schwartz starts freaking out in front of Sandoval, who has to shush his buddy to please stay quiet and calm.

As you can see below, Schwartz begins to realize he will soon be in the presence of the man he used to watch on MTV.

Then, he wants to make sure it's in fact the Joe Simpson, aka the one related to Jessica. Thankfully, his good buddy Sandoval ensures hims that it is indeed "Jessica Simpson's dad."

This is then where Sandoval literally shushes Schwartz. Please be sure to take note of Schwartz's reaction after Sandoval tells him to be quiet. He looks a little bummed and defeated, but it's OK, because Schwartzy meets Joe two seconds later.

Soon after opening the door (and probably seeing Sandoval's case of Coors Light, which is obviously a staple for photo shoots), Joe says to the Toms, "You know, it's a bachelor pad, so make yourself at home!" Oh, Joe, I'm sure they will, and if Schwartz could stick around for awhile until Jessica shows up, would that be cool?

It's unclear if viewers will get to see Joe in action taking photos of Sandoval, but here's hoping. Also, keep those fingers crossed for more memorable Schwartz freak-out moments over being in Jessica Simpson's dad's home.