You Can Get Custom Slipper Versions Of Your Dog Just Like Jesy Nelson

Cuddle Clones

Pets make our lives so much fuller in so many ways, and for many of us, there's no doubt they will have kept us sane during the past few months. Little Mixer Jesy Nelson is so dedicated to her pets, in fact, that she just wore a pair of slippers that were designed to look exactly like her two dogs Reggie and Oscar. Wondering where to buy Jesy's personalised dog slippers? I think I've found the place, but beware: these will set you back some serious £££.

Jesy shared a cute snap of her sitting on the stairs this week, wearing a white co-ord bra and jogger set, and on her feet were the now-iconic slippers. Obviously received as a present, Nelson shared the following caption alongside her pic: "One of the best gifts I’ve ever received Reggie and Oscar slippers," tagging in makeup artist Heidi North.

The post has already garnered over 250k likes, and numerous comments from fans who can't get enough of the lifelike shoes.

It's unclear exactly where Nelson's slippers were made, but it's likely they come from Cuddle Clones, a company that designs slippers that look like any furry friend.

Adorable and slightly weird in equal measure, the slippers will set you back $199 (around £160), which sure isn't cheap for a pair of shoes that will never leave your house with you. However, if your dedication to pet memorabilia is real, then these are the ultimate buy.

As you may have realised, Cuddle Clones is a U.S. company, meaning on top of the cost of the slippers, you'll also need to pay an international shipping fee, which is calculated at checkout.

And if the slippers aren't really your thing, the brand has plenty more to offer, including their original Cuddle Clone, which is a "soft and adorable, one-of-a-kind plush version of your pet!" This will set you back $249 (£202).

Get saving, guys...