The 2018 Oscars Have A Familiar Host

by Taylor Ferber
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After attempting to clean up the mess that was Envelopegate at the 2017 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel seems ready for anything. And, low and behold, Kimmel will host the 2018 Oscars, because the second time's the charm, right? Here's hoping. On Tuesday, The Academy announced that the late night talk show personality would be back to host the 2018 Oscars next March for the 90th show, and audiences should be prepared for some crazy antics on the way to outdo the bizarre 2017 show.

Fans may be skeptical considering Kimmel is again teaming up with producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd, who worked on last year's show. Although Envelopegate (when La La Land was mistakenly announced as Best Picture instead of the winner Moonlight) was out of all three of their hands and really came down to the accountants, fans may still question what's to come with the same team behind the show.

The last few months have been quite a wild and very public ride for Kimmel, who got emotional during his show in March when opening up about his newborn son's heart condition. After such an emotional monologue and due to his general talents as a late show host, he will likely get a warm welcome back.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there's one thing audiences can be certain of, it's that the host will do his best to keep the 90th Oscars running smoothly while also keeping it entertaining. Not only is it a big celebration year, but I don't think anyone, especially Kimmel, wants to relive Envelopegate.