Why This 'Bachelorette Weekend' Star Is Poised To Bring The Drama


Reality show archetypes are always there (villain, hero, flirt, snob) but usually they're masked at least a little bit. Not so for new reality series Bachelorette Weekend, which has already proudly proclaimed Bach Weekend photographer Johnathan Jones as "the flirt" in his CMT bio. Johnathan, who also goes by JJ, is the creative director for Bach Weekend, a Nashville company that plans extravagant 48 hour bachelor/ette parties. The employees are now the focus of a new CMT reality show, and JJ is going to be one to watch.

In a promo video for the show, JJ said his role on the team is "capturing the major moments of every party," which, when you have a 48-hour extravaganza, is a full time gig. But, JJ himself may end up becoming a major party moment thanks to his flirtatious nature. His CMT bio says that the 28-year-old has a girlfriend, but that doesn't stop him from "being a notorious flirt." Add to that his "slightly devilish side" and the fact that he calls himself "Charmingly Handsome :)" — yes, smiley face and all — on the Bach Weekend website... and uh oh, I can smell the drama from here.

But JJ is so much more than his flirtatious nature. He's also a hard worker. Aside from the more drama-stirring aspects of his personality, his bio says that he's outgoing and super creative and competitive. His LinkedIn notes that among his clients are Bach Weekend, Make it Pop Creations, and Hi5 Creative. He's also the Director of Operations at Studio 615, which is a production and studio rental space. In his spare time (hah) he shoots weddings, headshots, and commercials for his own company Johnathan Jones Photography, per his LinkedIn.

Basically he does it all, work wise, but don't be surprised if that gets overshadowed more by the romantic part of his personality. All signs point to CMT milking his charming, flirty side for all its worth. After all, most of the Bach Weekend staff is made up of women (CEO Robbie Goldsmith said he "loves being surrounded by women"), and the show needs to have some love drama somewhere. Leave it to the only other guy JJ to bring that (probably).

But, any romantic drama the series brings up is likely just for show, because JJ's Instagram shows him pretty in love with his girlfriend. He captioned one photo of her: "My #wcw is my beautiful and compassionate partner Shantell ... Can't believe I've been crushing on you for almost a year! 💘 #luckyguy."

In any case, CEO Robbie promised audiences in the promo video that "you can't not have fun with our team," and JJ is a big part of that group. His charismatic, fun, and, yes, flirtatious self will bring its own unique flavor to the show, which begins August 2 at 11 p.m. ET on CMT. As for any potential drama his personality may bring? You'll just have to tune in to see how things shake out for this life-of-the party guy.