Paint-On Perfume Is A Thing & Honestly It's Oddly Satisfying

Olivia Muenter

As many products that come my way as a beauty editor, there are really only a few beauty categories that I have a very hard time turning down. One such genre of product is perfume. Because for me, buying scent feels like not only an indulgence, but an investment. The service it provides is much less concrete than face wash, shampoo, or even something arguably more frivolous, like lipstick. Still, though, the beauty and fun of perfume has endured throughout the years. Because whether it's finding a signature scent or learning about how certain perfumes evoke particular feelings and moods, perfume is amazing. However, it hasn't changed all that much in the thousands of years it's been around. So when Jo Malone's Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush landed on my desk for consideration, I actually didn't even realize it was perfume at first. But given that I will usually physically throw myself at any Jo Malone-created product that comes my way, it didn't take long before I was trying out the product. And, to be completely honest, at first it threw me for a bit of a loop.

Part of the beauty of perfume is, well, its beauty. The bottles are fragile and often expensive or ornate. I display them on my dresser proudly, never quite getting to the bottom of any bottle in particular. So the concept of perfume in a paintbrush was at best foreign to me, and at worst a little disappointing — at first, anyway. The packaging is by no means unattractive, but being used to years and years of bedazzled, jewelry-like bottles, this one threw me off a little bit — but I came around. The small cylinder looks chic and compact — perfect for a carry-on or being displayed on a bathroom counter.

When you remove the lid, you'll find a small brush. At the bottom of the product is a black button used to push the gel out through the brush tip. It's all very convenient, but I can't say I was expecting to love the product right away. Perfume isn't supposed to be convenient, after all, as anyone who has ever tried to pack a glass bottle in a suitcase can tell you. But now I'm wondering if every perfume should be in paint-on form.

Olivia Muenter

Using the scent Pomelo (which smells like the best citrus-y cologne and perfume you know, combined), I swiped the gel on my wrists. And this, in a nutshell, is why paint-on perfume is so genius. It actually stays on your wrists. You get to control the application and you know exactly where the scent is going. You aren't spritzing wildly into the atmosphere, hoping your scent doesn't dry-out your hair and stain your clothes. You aren't worried about spraying too close to your skin so the runs down. This stuff dries instantly. Have I mentioned I love it? Because I love it.

Olivia Muenter

Pomelo Fragrance Paintbrush, $55, Jo Loves

At $55, the Fragrance Paintbrushes aren't the most affordable thing you've ever come across, no. But they are long-lasting as hell, and approved by fragrance goddess Jo Malone herself. Plus, you can easily pick them up a Sephora, which is the products biggest retailer.

The scent is targeted and saturated, so you choose where it goes. And pro tip: a little goes a long way. The payoff is huge. It also lasts longer than other scents I've tried, leaving me with whiffs throughout the day without being overpowering. Another benefit of the brush? You can put it on your neck or legs or décolletage easily. It all feels very luxurious and, more importantly, simple. It feels fancy enough to put on every morning, but convenient enough to throw in an overnight or gym bag.

Olivia Muenter

The product come in three other scents in addition to Pomelo, and they all feel elevated, interesting, and delicious without being overly sweet or overpowering. Dare I say, you could even combine some scents if you want to get creative. Whether you're a perfume addict or just a novice, this perfume is the way to go. It proves that perfume doesn't have to seem quite so frivolous, even if it smells ridiculously indulgent.