Joe Biden Shared The Most Adorable BFF Selfie For Obama's Birthday

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama turned 57 on Saturday, and Twitter erupted into a frenzy of nostalgic images of the former president along with birthday wishes. But none of them lived up to former Vice President Joe Biden's birthday message to Obama, which reminded fans that their bromance is as strong as ever.

The Obama-Biden bromance is nothing new — memes of their friendship went viral years ago. And every time one of those images resurfaces or the pair shares a new pic of them together, their fans are turned to putty. On Saturday, in honor of Obama's 57th birthday, Biden wrote in a tweet, along with a recent photo of the pair, "Our lunches together were a highlight of every week at the White House. Last week's trip to @DogTagBakery was no different. Happy birthday to my brother, my friend, @BarackObama." Most of the responses to Joe's tweet were weeping GIFs and messages like "Come back!"

Biden took the selfie after he and Obama visited Dog Tag Bakery in Washington D.C. on Monday, according to CNN. Video from CNN shows the pair ordering at the counter. Obama asks the cashier what different food items are, and then says "I'll take one of those, too," if he finds the item interesting. Biden chimes in at one point, "Give the boss one of those, too." The boss.

Dog Tag Bakery is a "living business school" for veterans, military spouses, and caregivers, who serve as fellows at the bakery while also attending classes taught by Georgetown professors, CNN reported. Obama and Biden met with the fellows on Monday, and then ordered some food: ham and gruyère sandwiches, a side salad for Obama, and a slice of mint basil blueberry cake for Biden, according to CNN.

Biden's selfie not only proves that Joe and Barack's bromance is as strong as ever — it also shows that Joe, with his awkward, open-mouthed selfie face, is still very much Uncle Joe, as the internet has affectionately called him for his dad- and uncle-like tendencies. Dog Tag CEO Meghan Ogilvie told CNN's COVER/LINE that, if everyone didn't know who Obama and Biden were, "it would seem like two friends coming together to have lunch."

The two have been caught hanging out repeatedly since they left the White House in January 2016, because no one can keep them apart, at least according to former chief of staff Anita Decker Breckenridge. “The bromance continues. It’s not ended,” Breckenridge told People for a May 2017 cover story, a few months after the pair left office. “That’s one of the things I would say, you know… What does [Obama] miss about the White House? I mean, they had lunch every single week for eight years.”

Their reunification on Monday, and Biden's tweet Saturday, made the internet nostalgic for the days when the two threw a football back and forth during their meetings in the Oval Office.

And of course, many responded to Biden's tweet with their favorite Obama-Biden photos or GIFs. The below GIF is from the day Obama awarded Biden the presidential medal of freedom.

Others just took the moment to ugly cry:

And some honored Obama on his birthday with calls to action:

Still, most of Twitter just enjoyed the sweet message from Joe to his BFF. His selfie made clear that they have many more birthdays — and so many more lunches — to look forward to together.