Everything Teresa & Joe Have Been Through Leading Up To The 'RHONJ' Season 9 Premiere

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The Guidice family has been under a lot of scrutiny ever since Joe and Teresa Guidice plead guilty to 39 counts of fraud in 2014, including bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, and bankruptcy fraud, per Entertainment Tonight. As a result, Teresa served 11 months in prison and Joe was sentenced to a 41-month stay. He's currently still serving his sentence at Federal Corrections Institute Allenwood in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, according to USA Today, so he's a ways away from his family in New Jersey. But recent Teresa and Joe Giudice relationship updates show that the couple is doing their best to make things work.

As if being a temporarily single mother to four young girls wasn't chaotic enough for Teresa, she recently received some news that could make that role last even longer. Of course, Real Housewives of New Jersey has been there to document this journey for the Guidice family. But because their situation is still very much in limbo and ever-changing, it can even be hard for RHONJ super-fans to keep up, especially because new reports and interviews with Teresa surface so regularly. As Season 9 of RHONJ unfolds, it will surely offer more juicy details, but here are the latest updates about Teresa and Joe, and their plans for the foreseeable future.

Joe Is Still In Prison

As previously mentioned, Joe is currently serving the last few months of his 41-month sentence and is expected to be released in March, as per The Hollywood Reporter. That's the good news.

But Once He's Out, He Might Not Go Home

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on October 10, 2018, a Pennsylvania state immigration court ruled that Joe be deported to his native Italy following his March release from prison. This news has fallen aggressively on the hearts of Teresa and her daughters. However, Teresa told USA Today that she and her husband plan to appeal the ruling. "We’re going to appeal it," she said. "We’re going to fight it." She also told ET that the RHONJ cameras were not present when they got the news.

They Were Caught Totally Unaware

"He came over here when he was one year old," Joe's attorney, Miles Feinstein told NJ.com in July 2013. "His family was living the American dream. He came over here so young. He never anticipated anything like this."

Teresa told People she didn't know he wasn't a citizen when she married him. “When I married him, I didn’t know," she said. Teresa added:

"I remember I tried to make him, I tried to fill out the paperwork [for citizenship]. It was never on my radar. It’s not like I married an immigrant and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to make him an American citizen.’ Never thought of that at all. I mean, I guess that that was his parent’s responsibility. I mean they came here when he was a year old. I mean his brother and sister, they were born here. And they’re American."

They Are Sticking Together

Although they are reportedly going to appeal the order, Teresa is unsure of what will happen to her family in the end. They may have to follow Joe to Italy, but one thing's for sure, divorce is not an option, according to Teresa's attorney. “Teresa is not talking about getting divorced, she is not thinking about getting divorced and she’s not filing for divorce,” Teresa’s lawyer, James Leonard Jr., told Page Six last month. “It’s not happening, not just now, but never. I can’t be any more clear about it.”

For now, Teresa told People she's just taking it one step at a time. “I have my four daughters, I have my dad who lives with me," she said. "I gotta keep it together.” To continue keeping up with Teresa and her family's journey, tune into RHONJ on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesdays.