Ryan Reynolds Wanted John Krasinski & Emily Blunt To Be His “Parents” & His Wish Was Granted

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During its opening weekend, A Quiet Place dominated the box office and captured fans' hearts in the process. Seriously, people love the John Krasinski-directed horror-thriller (and for good reason, it's amazing). One of the film's most adoring fans is someone you're probably already familiar with. Ryan Reynolds loved A Quiet Place, as he wrote on Twitter, and joked around about his friends, Krasinski and Blunt (who co-star in the movie) in the process.

On April 8, the actor revealed that he's already seen the intense movie twice in the same week. That's some dedication right there. He was so into the film that he implored all of his followers to "SEE THIS FILM!" and then, naturally, had a little fun with his brief Twitter statement.

He apparently loved the movie so much that he deemed Krasinski and Blunt, who, true to form, portray a married couple in A Quiet Place, as his "new parents." And, honestly, same. The adorable couple not only shines offscreen but they also totally nailed their A Quiet Place collaboration, which was their first one together. Reynolds capped off his comment with a simple, "Congratulations, Ryan." Another fan on Twitter helped provide Reynolds with the photoshopped family portrait of his dreams to which he replied, "So proud of mom and papa."

In case you were wondering what Krasinski had to say about Reynolds' A Quiet Place love, wonder no longer. The director replied to the Deadpool star's tweet with a funny tweet of his own. He first thanked his "son" for his kind words about the film and then told him, "Your mother and I are so proud."

The fact that Krasinski and Reynolds are real-life friends (as this interaction would kind of indicate anyway), makes this whole back and forth that much more fun. Reynolds even supported his pal at the A Quiet Place premiere on April 2. Per Marie Claire, following the premiere, the two, along with their wives, Blunt and Blake Lively, all hung out together and went on what must have been one of the most fun double dates of all time.

The publication went on to note that that wasn't the first time that the foursome has hung out together. On March 22, the actors all attended an event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. So, it seems like these "family members" are, in fact, really good friends.

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Reynolds wasn't the only major celeb who gushed about A Quiet Place on Twitter. Chris Pratt, LeBron James, and Jessica Chastain have all taken to Twitter to talk about how excited they were about the innovative film. Jimmy Fallon also told Krasinski that he couldn't sleep after watching the thrilling film. He asked, "What psycho wrote this? Oh you did. What crazy person directed this. You again." He then told the actor/director that the two of them needed to have a talk about the wild film.

Krasinki once again proved how awesome he is by responding to Fallon's humorous qualms with the help of one particular Beyoncé lyric:

Stephen King couldn't help but discuss the popular film on Twitter, as well. The author gave it the highest praise and said that the movie is "an extraordinary piece of work." And considering that King's one of the masters of the horror genre through his writing, Krasinski was understandably thrilled by the compliment:

It's safe to say that it wasn't only major Hollywood figures like Reynolds and Fallon who loved the movie, as the film made over $50 million at the box office following its April 6 release, per Variety. The outpouring of love the film has received is just a testament to how phenomenal it truly is.