John Legend Untangled Chrissy Teigen's Hair Tie Because Couple Bonding Isn't Always Pretty

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Getting hair accessories trapped and lost in your messy tangle of hair is a problem that has no ending, and celebrities are not immune to that issue. John Legend helped Chrissy Teigen untangle her ponytail, and the move is so relatable. If you have ever had a messy top knot and tried to unravel your hairstyle after a long day of work, errands, and possible gym (or nap) sessions, then you know just how real the struggle is. Something gets snagged, the hair does a sailor's knot around the hair tie, and you have an elaborately roped mess in the back of your head that's impossible to reach. Then you can either ignore the problem and pray that your next shower somehow shakes the band loose, or you need to reach for the scissors.

Legend got to see that particular beauty issue up close and personal this week when Teigen asked him to help her shake the tie loose from her ponytail. In typical Teigen fashion, she recorded the whole thing in a hilarious Instagram Story and posted it to her social media.

Using the sunglasses filter, she captured this intimate marital moment where she was sitting on the couch in their living room, and the EGOT-winner was busy at work behind her.

The first video had the caption, "John gonna kill you @glencocoforhair," which is the Instagram account of celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco, who frequently works on Teigen's hair. This suggests that Legend wasn't just unraveling a normal weekday ponytail, but was helping Teigen shake loose a more elaborate hairstyle.

“This is very difficult,” Legend says in the video while trying to find out the Rubik's cube that is an elastic hair tie at the end of the day.

To encourage him forward, Teigen responds with “I love you,” to which Legends answers “I love you too,” making fans everywhere melt at the couple goals the two are displaying.

The knot situation isn't solved by the next video, and has escalated to Legend using hair product reinforcements to try and help him. He is seen spraying Ouai directly into her hair to try to detangle things, with Teigen laughing and yelling "ouch" as he gently tugs.

This isn't the first time that Legend was recruited to help his wife with her beauty or fashion related emergencies. Just last year he was tasked with the important job of helping Teigen take off the jewelry she wore to the Grammys, which she couldn't do because she was tired and drunk.

"OK. I'm home. We're having ramen," she said on Snapchat. "I'm on the floor, and John's in charge of taking my jewelry off from Monica," (who is her stylist.) The video went on to show the two on the kitchen floor, with Teigen giggling as Legend untangled her multi-tier necklace. As anyone who has worn multi-strand necklaces knows, those can be quite tricky to keep knot-free.

Chrissy Teigen via Snapchat

From ponytails to award show necklaces, Legend is quickly becoming a pro at untangling messes!