John Legend's Cover Of "I Can't Help It" From 'Master Of None' Leaves A Big Impression

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When watching the trailer for Master Of None Season 2, you may have caught a glimpse of John Legend at the piano. No, you are not imagining things, Legend does make a cameo in Master Of None Season 2, Episode 5. Legend plays himself at a dinner party, where he jokes that the host is making him sing for his supper. He sits at the piano and performs a classic. John Legend's cover of Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It" on Master Of None is brief but mesmerizing.

The scene is set at Jeff Pastore's dinner party. Jeff, played by Bobby Cannavale, is a producer on the tv baking show Dev hosts, Clash of the Cupcakes (think Cupcake Wars). Jeff is basically a fictional version of a big food TV star, à la Alton, Giada, Mario, Anthony, et al. Dev has always been into food, now combine that with his acting career, and food media is a natural next step. So when Dev gets invited to Jeff's party, he's in. This elegant New York party is where we find John Legend, naturally.

Legend sits at the piano and croons, "Looking in my mirror. Took me by surprise..." The song is immediately recognizable as a cover of Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It." No, it's not "Man in the Mirror." Yes, both MJ songs have the word "mirror" in them, but they're different.

Legend's performance is short, maybe two or three minutes, but still powerful as it is acoustic — just his voice and a piano. The audience really gets caught up in Legend's talent, distracted purposefully for a moment of comic relief when Dev admonishes his friend Ravi for trying to take a video of the private performance.

While Legend's cameo is short and sweet, it is a highlight of Season 2. And, that song will probably be stuck in fans' heads until Season 3. At least, there better be a Season 3...