This 'BiP' Moment Had Twitter Shipping John Paul Jones & Tayshia So Hard

by Nicole Pomarico
John Fleenor/ABC

Looks like a certain Bachelor in Paradise fan fave has a pretty creative side — when he's not fast asleep on the side of the pool, anyway. And so far, it seems like the woman he's interested in is totally into it. On Tuesday night's episode, John Paul Jones' poem for Tayshia on BiP had both Tayshia and fans swooning.

To be totally fair, John Paul Jones didn't write this poem himself — he actually just recited one of Romeo's monologues from Romeo & Juliet, so all the credit for this one goes to Shakespeare. And even though his execution wasn't perfect, it had the desired effect on Tayshia — she was completely smitten, and even she admitted that it was something she never expected from him.

She said:

"Besides the fact that John Paul Jones is like a really tall version of Heath Ledger, generally, when someone talks like [he does] no one takes it seriously. But at the same time, he's so intellectual, and that's a big turn on. Because usually guys like him that talk like him don't have a brain like him."

This was enough to send Bachelor Nation flocking to Twitter to share how much they loved John Paul Jones' poem, which isn't surprising — he's been beloved among viewers since Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, and even though he spent the last episode throwing up into the ocean, he really managed to make a comeback with this.

Others weren't just proud of old JPJ — they were full-on shipping him and Tayshia. So much focus has been on other drama — first Blake, and now Hannah G.'s love triangle — but now, there might actually be a drama-free couple to root for — besides Demi and Derek, that is.

Then again, there were also people who were shipping themselves with John Paul Jones. This tweet is right — the other men in Paradise should learn from his example.

Some felt like BiP show may be better served if, instead of a reality dating competition, it was actually just JPJ reciting poetry, which... doesn't sound like a bad idea. Throw in some commentary from Demi and Jordan, and they might be onto something.

And of course, before he even had the chance to show off his skills to Tayshia, people were all about how hard JPJ practiced.

If this is how people responded to John Paul Jones reciting a poem written by someone else, imagine how they'd react if he wrote one for Tayshia himself. Not to put Cam's awkward speech to Caelynn from Monday night's episode to shame or anything, but it definitely seems like JPJ has the edge on this one... even when he forgets some of the words or starts laughing mid-recitation.

It's still early in Tayshia and JPJ's relationship, but this is Bachelor in Paradise, after all, so who knows what could happen? If he has any more poems up his sleeve, he might just be in luck, because that seems to be exactly what Tayshia is into.