This Is What John Wayne Bobbitt Has Been Doing Since His Infamous Trial


In case you haven't heard, Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt's infamous story will soon be reexamined by an Amazon documentary series produced by Jordan Peele. Lorena, premiering Feb. 15, features first-hand accounts from Lorena Bobbitt herself, and aims to dive deeper into what happened that fateful night in 1993 from her perspective. It's unclear if he was approached for the documentary, but updates on John Wayne Bobbitt today show that her ex probably isn't a fan.

First, let's recap the situation at hand, which occurred just over 25 years ago. While he was sleeping, Lorena cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife, according to Rolling Stone. She would later testify in court that her John had allegedly returned home drunk and raped her a few hours before she attacked him, and that she felt she did what had to be done. “It was survival. Life and death. I was fearing for my life," she said, per the outlet. Rolling Stone also reports that she allegedly "endured systematic physical, verbal and emotional abuse throughout their marriage," though Bobbitt maintained throughout the proceedings that their sex was consensual.

John's latest real interview was with Vanity Fair in 2018. At the time, he was single and residing in Las Vegas, living off a disability settlement which resulted from a car accident, according to the magazine. He'd found a strange sort of celebrity in the aftermath of the attack and the reattachment of his penis, in which he dabbled in adult entertainment, Vanity Fair reported, and still did the occasional public appearance.

When speaking to Vanity Fair, John repeatedly said he was innocent — not just of Lorena's alleged assault, but also of the other charges he's faced since then, like the alleged harassment of an ex-girlfriend and attempted grand larceny related to $140,000 worth of clothes, both of which happened in 1999. John was found guilty of the ex-girlfriend's harassment, and sentenced to time served, per the AP, though he also maintained his innocence when speaking to reporters afterwards. John pleaded guilty to the larceny charge, and was sentenced to five years' probation, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

"I didn’t batter Lorena," he told Vanity Fair. "And those women after Lorena — the ones who were using me, my name, as a stepping-stone — I didn’t batter them, either. I’m a Marine. I’m trained to protect people, not hurt them."


Lorena, of course, has a much different story to this day. “The real story here is about a victim. It's about domestic violence,” she told the Today Show earlier this month. She still alleges that he assaulted her that night, and that she endured domestic violence for years before finally snapping and resorting to violence of her own. Lorena told the New York Times that the focus on her husband's severed body part — which was almost immediately made into a punchline — was frustrating. “They always just focused on it," she said. "And it’s like they all missed or didn’t care why I did what I did."

Peele hopes the project helps clear up misconceptions about Lorena, issuing a statement, per USA Today:

"When we hear the name Bobbitt, we think of one of the most sensational incidents to ever be catapulted into a full-blown media spectacle. With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse, and her demand for justice. This is Lorena’s story and we’re honored to help her tell it."

John might come out with further statements after Lorena debuts, but for now, it's probably safe to say he's not on board with all his ex-wife has to say.