Twitter Thinks Johnny Weir's Closing Ceremony Hair Was Inspired By A 'Hunger Games' Character

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

No surprise here: For the 2018 Olympic closing ceremony, Johnny Weir looked absolutely fabulous. The skater wore an incredible, all-white suit to host NBC's coverage of the event, but it was his hair that had pretty much all of Twitter losing their minds. Weir's impossibly shiny locks were crafted into an extreme cross between a mohawk and a pompadour, topped off with some braids and a silver, crystal-encrusted shooting star piece. It was an essentially perfect 'do to wear for the final event in Pyeongchang.

Ahead of the 8 p.m. broadcast, Weir took to Instagram to give everyone a head-to-toe look at his getup. He notes that his usual hairstylist Mariola Zysk created the style, and that the sparkly piece (which Weir calls a "hair brooch") is by fine jeweler Erickson Beaman. Sadly, the exact style doesn't appear to be currently for sale on the site — but there are plenty of other shiny goodies to browse.

Fans on Twitter had loads of thoughts about the look (again, no surprise) and immediately began comparing Weir's hair to a whole host of wonderful things. The most popular parallels were to Ceasar Flickerman, the Master Of Ceremonies in the Hunger Games movies, and the retro logo for "The More You Know," NBC's public service initiative that started in 1989. Honestly? Both are spot on.

The pompadour has been Weir's signature for a while now — in fact, the internet has been making memes about how Hunger Games-y his style has been throughout the entire 2018 Olympic games — but the added bling makes it extra special for the last event of the competition. That brooch is seriously major — and definitely something Caesar Flickerman would approve of.

Seriously, the similarity is astounding.

A Flickerman-like style has been a theme for Weir throughout the competition — that embroidered coat is from six days prior to the closing ceremony.

"Just amazing." And if Weir's entire Instagram account full of fierce outfit photos is any indication, that vibe isn't going to stop just because he doesn't have to host the Olympics anymore this year.

It's very District 1.

Yes, and if there was quite a bit less violence.

Sarah's getting Hunger Games vibes from Weir's co-host Tara Lipinski, too, who was wearing a cool, sequin, black dress. In an interview with People earlier in February, the pair revealed that they packed a total of 21 suitcases (though the New York Times actually reported there was one more — nine for Lipinski and 13 for Weir) for their trip to PyeongChang so they could bring all their best looks. The pair is often lauded for their outfit choices, which tend to lean on the more daring side of fashionable even when they aren't at the Olympics. Who could forget Weir's full-rose mohawk at the 2014 Kentucky Derby?!

But back to the Sunday night outfit: Is this look definitely a Flickerman homage? Or was Weir paying tribute to everyone's favorite NBC PSA, "The More You Know"?

NBC, did you sneak this detail in?!

Great eye, Husband.

Claps all around!

There were a few other comparisons as well, like Loki from the Marvel Universe.

A Rocky Horror character!

Rather than a character from a fictional dystopian world, some thought Weir (and Lipinski) is more likely to be a benevolent leader from our real future.

And... this mix.

And then, of course, some people thought it was just Johnny being Johnny.

Whatever Weir's inspo, there's one thing for certain: He (and his hair) will certainly be missed from our TVs now that the 2018 Olympics are officially over for the year.