You Need To Read Jordan Peele's Amazing 2018 Oscar Tweets

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to win an Academy Award, Jordan Peele's 2018 Oscar tweets seem to sum up the experience pretty perfectly. On Sunday, Mar. 4, Peele picked up the statuette in the Best Original Screenplay category for Get Out, and relayed his excitement in so many classic tweets. In general, Peele is a must-follow on Twitter for his amazing tweets, but he was especially in good form on Oscar night.

After taking a little time to let reality sink in, Peele posted a picture of his Oscar via Twitter on Mar. 5. The Oscar wasn't snapped solo, though — it was forced to share the social media stage with another statuette: the Emmy Peele won in 2016 for Key & Peele. In the photo, the stately-standing Oscar faces the Emmy angel-lady with the world in her hands. "This is exactly what it looked like watching my wife give birth," he captioned the snap.

Peele and his wife, comedian Chelsea Peretti, welcomed their first child together back in July 2017. Obviously, in Peele's statuette set-up, his son is symbolized by the "world," Peretti is the Emmy who presents the world up (like that first scene in the Lion King with Rafiki and Simba), and Peele is the Oscar, who's basically just standing there while the whole thing goes down.

So far, the tweet has been liked nearly 100,000 times, and one eagle-eyed fan picked up on one very subtle detail. "Love that GET OUT looking chair," user @SkipSeasoned commented to Peele about the burgundy leather chair in the background. "Btw that IS the GET OUT chair," Peele replied.

In a pivotal scene from Peele's Oscar-winning film, the main character, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), gets tied to the "Get Out chair" and hypnotized against his will. It's probably safe to assume that Peele's placement of the awards on a table in front of the "Get Out chair" wasn't exactly accidental — the film itself is filled with varying forms of symbolization. Or, on the other hand, maybe he just thought it'd make a really nice backdrop for a photo of the Oscar he won for that very movie. Either way, it's a pretty cool aspect the awesome photo.

Peele posted a few other Oscar-related tweets over the course of the Mar. 4 event, but the whole thing pretty much left him speechless — at least according to the tweet that immediately followed his win. "I just won an Oscar. WTF?!?" he wrote, which seems like a really relatable response, and has probably been said out loud by countless Oscar winners in the past.

Peele also re-tweeted a very special Oscar-night message from Oprah Winfrey, who wrote, "Jordan, I’m so proud of you and what you’ve done to build EMPATHY by using story as a 'weapon for change.' We’re all rooting for you tonight!" First, he gets a shout-out from Oprah, and then he wins an Oscar... on the same day. This is basically the definition of #GOALS.

Early on Monday morning, Peele thanked an actor whose own Oscar win influenced him: Whoopi Goldberg, who won for Best Supporting Actress for Ghost. He wrote:

When @WhoopiGoldberg won her Oscar for “Ghost” she practically reached through my TV screen and told young me to follow my dreams. I did, and it worked. Thanks Whoopi.

Peretti also tweeted during the Oscars and snapped an especially cool image: Peele sitting with his Academy Award statue and his winner card for Best Original Screenplay. She didn't add any accompanying words, because really, she didn't have to.

Surely, even though the Oscars are over, Peele will keep up his always on-point tweeting.