Josh Groban Was Surprised Katy Perry Called Him "The One That Got Away," Just Like Everyone Else — VIDEO

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"These two dated?" is a question you'll probably soon be asking yourself. During Thursday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Josh Groban reacted to Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" from 2010 that he apparently inspired. When a caller phoned in and asked The Good Cop star his opinion on Perry saying Groban is "the one that got away," he responded with nothing but praise for the artist. That said, Groban also revealed he was greatly surprised by Perry's revelation.

Asking a question most everyone was thinking, host Andy Cohen inquired, "Did you two date and I didn't realize it?" Groban admitted, "We did [date]." FYI, in a 2013 interview with Details, Groban denied he dated Perry and said they were "very good friends." He also said about their rumored romance at that time, "No, not really...We might have skated on the line of dating."

Groban continued telling Cohen,

"We were both very private, and so we realized we were better as friends. We've been very, very good friends to this day. She's the best."

For those unaware, Perry confessed to James Corden during her June 2017 YouTube live stream promoting her Witness album that "The One That Got Away" is about Groban. "People are like, 'Who is "The One That Got Away" about?,' she informed Corden, before declaring out of nowhere, "That's Groban." Perry also said about him, "He's like one of my good friends."

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When Groban first heard Perry's confession from her live stream, he told Cohen, "But, I was not expecting that. That was a double take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that."

"It's very sweet of her to say that," he admitted. However, he's kind of confused by the song lyrics, which go:

"Summer after high school, when we first met / We'd make out in your Mustang to Radiohead / And on my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoos"

Groban said about that particular verse, "And then I listened to the lyrics of the song and was like, 'I never owned a Mustang. I don't have a tattoo. Are you sure that's about me?'"

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As surprised as he was, the "You Raise Me Up" singer has nothing but love for Perry. "I'm very flattered by it," he said. "But I was very surprised by it, too." Cohen, shocked by it all too, told Groban that he "should call her back." The singer responded, "I'm not ghosting Katy. We're still really good friends."

Then, Queen Latifah, who was also a guest on WWHL, chimed in and said to the camera, "Katy, listen, you still got the number, call Josh." Groban replied, "Oh, no, I think we're both very taken at the moment, but it's very sweet. It's very sweet. So, thank you for that question."

Regarding their relationship statuses, Groban is dating Schuyler Helford and Perry is reportedly back with Orlando Bloom.

This is definitely a lot of information to absorb. Thanks to Perry's confession and Groban's reaction, you'll probably never listen to "The One That Got Away" the same way ever again.