These DIY Smoothie Bowls Will Totally Transform Your Deskfast


If you barely have time to grab a cup of coffee as you're running out the door in the morning, you're probably all too familiar with the breakfast options either at your office or at the bodega down the block. But if you're tired of waiting in line for a smoothie just to slurp it down at your desk, joyböl's smoothie bowls will totally transform your breakfast routine. While blending up a nutritious smoothie at home every morning might be #breakfastgoals, if you hate to shop for the ingredients, and you just can't get it together to use the blender in the morning — because it's not safe to use heavy machinery when you're half awake — this is a breakfast solution you can pretty easily make at your desk

"Obviously we need fuel to start the day," joyböl explained on its website. "But most mornings it just sort of happens — the coat-pocket banana, the bagel en route to the train, the oatmeal stashed in our desk at work." Let's be honest: that coat-pocket banana is brown by the time you get to work, and you deserve better. Ask and you shall receive, my friendlies.

"joyböl started out as an experiment to create breakfast that would be easier to eat on the go," John King, senior director, Global Breakfast Innovation for joyböl Foods and Kellogg Company, said in a press release. "Over time and through some trial and error, we created the first, fresh-tasting smoothie bowl you can make by just adding cold water — a new breakfast option for people’s busy lives."

Making a joyböl couldn't be easier, even for the most culinary-challenged of people. It also comes with its own spoon, because you know you forgot your reusable spoon as you dashed out the door. All you do is add cold water or your preferred milk to the fill line on the inside of the bowl, stir it up, and eat. They come in flavors like mango coconut chia with black rice and pecans, strawberry almond quinoa crunch with granola clusters, superberries and açaí with granola clusters, matcha berry with granola clusters, or chocolate hazelnut with granola clusters. It's literally a protein-filled breakfast that's ready in seconds.

If you literally have so little time in the morning that you regularly turn up at work wearing mismatched shoes, having a go-to option that requires nothing more from you other than adding water sounds pretty boss. These DIY smoothies bowls are also perfect for road trips. You can just grab a bottle of water from the gas station while you're fueling up, stir, and eat.


You can get joyböl at the places you're already shopping anyways. The next time you're shopping on Amazon for bacon-flavored dental floss, or you head to (they'll be on the website soon) for that One Direction themed record player, why not grab something you actually need that's guaranteed to make your mornings better? By adding an essential to your cart, you can feel better about also bringing home that decorative ball of twine. You can also get joyböl at Boxed.

Maybe you, like me, have tried to whip up some pre-packaged breakfast thingy that claims to be super easy, and you're skeptical that anything could be this simple. I don't know about you, but I have abandoned a few of these products after discovering that putting together my uber-quick breakfast began to take longer than making something from scratch. This is decidedly the opposite. Because the best things in life have a short list of instructions. Just add water and enjoy.

Correction: This story has been updated to more accurately reflect the product's availability at Target.