Julia Roberts Just Chopped Off Her Hair & You NEED To See Her New Look

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Your favorite '90s superstar just chopped off her hair and the drastic change totally suits her. Julia Roberts cut her hair into a lob and it looks so good that you may find yourself inspired to copy the chop. Celebrity stylist Serge Normant posted a side profile shot of Roberts and her shaggy, shoulder-skimming new 'do on his official Instagram late last week. You won't be able to stop gawking at the Erin Brockovich star and her full, textured mane.

As recently as the 2019 Oscars, which took place on Feb. 24, Roberts was rocking long, honey blonde waves that framed her face. Judging from the image that Normant posted, Roberts shed several inches of length but her strands remain voluminous while falling around the chin. The long bob also appears to be angled forward and slightly shorter in the back. Ultimately, this shorter, choppier style shows off the depth and dimension of Roberts' wavy texture and what appears to be new and contrasting caramel highlights.

It's such a versatile and chic haircut that can be worn in a multitude of styles. It can be blown straight and sleek. Or it can be spritzed with sea salt spray and air dried for a sassy, "just from the beach" vibe.

Roberts ditched a whole lot of length but didn't lose an ounce of style with this fresh and fun cut. Her coif looks so bouncy and touchable, thanks to the shape. You can truly appreciate the balance of the blonde and brown shades.

Roberts has yet to share a shot of her lob on her personal Instagram as of press time. She did, however, post this selfie on March 15, which was the same day that Normant posted the shot of her newly-shorn locks. Her wavy hair does appear to be much shorter here. It also looks a bit more blonde than in the Normant image. But that could be the work of lighting, a filter, or simply different vantage point.

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Here's the Pretty Woman actor at the Academy Awards in February 2019, showing off long, golden waves, side-swept layers, and her signature, room-illuminating smile.

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Roberts rocked a similar hairstyle at the 2019 Golden Globes in January 2019. She clearly favors golden curls sitting on her shoulder, cascading length, and side parts with a twist. It was refreshing to see her go under the scissors and snip off so much excess length.

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Roberts opted for stick straight and center-parted follicles at the 2019 Critcs' Choice Awards in January. In just three months, Roberts has shown off various hairstyles.

Fans were all about Roberts' chop and expressed it in the comments of Normant's post. One user stated, "You inspired me to cut 5 inches off my hair," while another concurred, "Finally. I will cut my hair tomorrow."

Roberts' new lob is a hit, and could go on to be one of the top hair trends of the spring and summer. Let's hope the actor posts another photo of her cut from the front so fans can truly appreciate it from all angles.