Everyone *Needs* To See These Photos Of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's New Cat

by Nicole Pomarico
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This celebrity couple is adding to their family. On Saturday, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got a new kitten, and Bieber spent much of Sunday sharing photos of her with his followers. And yes, of course she is adorable.

Bieber first announced the news on Friday with an Instagram post that featured a cartoonish drawing of the kitten — although, at that time, it wasn't clear whether or not the artwork was meant to be their kitten or just a kitten in general. He let his followers know that he and Baldwin were getting a cat who they planned to name Sushi... and then proceeded to list all the nicknames he planned to call her, too.

Bieber wrote:

"I’m getting a cat tomorrow and The name will be sushi!!! Thanks guys! I can call her sooosh Magooosh and I’m very happy about it. I can also in a baby voice call her TOOSHIEEE BUM BUM or . Shooshi wowl .. read it outloud how it’s spelt . Also sushi Poo.. or just TUNA."

This caption is a pretty perfect representation of Bieber's excitement about his new pet — and Baldwin chimed in with comments of her own, contributing her favorite nicknames, too.


Then, when Saturday came, Bieber did, in fact, bring a new kitten named Sushi home, and he proceeded to share photos and video of her with his followers on his Instagram Story.

In one photo, Sushi is all curled up into a ball and fast asleep, showing off her spots:

justinbieber/Instagram Story

And in a video that Bieber shared later, she was refusing to let him sleep because she was too busy playing — and trying to bite his arm, as kittens do.

justinbieber/Instagram Story

It seems like Bieber and Baldwin have been animal lovers for a long time now — and Sushi isn't the first four-legged friend they've added to their crew since tying the knot in September 2018. Last December, they got a puppy named Oscar, and yes, he is just as cute as sushi is. At the time, Bieber introduced Oscar on Instagram as his "dogson."

Oscar's grown a lot since then. In June, Baldwin shared an updated photo of her and her pup, writing that she was "homesick" for him. And how could anyone not be, with a face like that?

Bieber also shared a photo of Oscar over the summer, fast asleep.

Bieber and Baldwin also seem to have a dog named Esther, who it appears still lives with them. Like he said in his caption on the photo of Oscar, she was being sent to training, but last October, she celebrated Halloween fully decked out in a Superman costume.

Although the couple now has a pretty full house with all three of their pets, it looks like Bieber couldn't be happier with his new, tiny family member. If Sushi's first weekend home is any indication, it looks like fans have a lot of adorable kitten photos to look forward to in the future. And are cat pictures ever a bad thing?