Justin Bieber Has An Eyebrow Ring & The World Must Know

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber just did something controversial, and fans don't know what to do with themselves. Justin Bieber got an eyebrow piercing and flaunted the new accessory on his Instagram. Bieber took a selfie of himself lounging in the sun, which he posted onto his account on July 23. The photo showed a closeup of his new brow ring, and a flash of diamond grills on his lower teeth.

According to Bieber's Instagram Stories, the grill was made by Ian Marks, who goes by the name GoldTeethGod. The 27-year-old jeweler counts A-listers like Future and Kylie Jenner as his clients. Marks made Bieber a custom grill especially for his bite, with three rows of diamonds across the piece.

The piercing took place on July 21, when Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin booked an appointment at Ancient Adornments in West Hollywood. While Bieber got his eyebrow ring, Baldwin also went under the needle and got two diamond studs in the helix of her upper ear.

This is not the first face accessory that Bieber has experimented with. The artist also has not one but two face tattoos. New York-based tattoo artist Jonathan Valena, or JonBoy, was the artist behind the first design.

Bieber's first tattoo was done back in 2016, and he got a small cross just underneath the corner of his eye. According to JonBoy, the ink was done in honor of Bieber's faith. "It was a representation of his faith in Jesus and his journey with finding purpose in God," JonBoy confirmed to E! News at the time.

The second face tattoo that Bieber has is just above his eyebrow. Tattoo artist Bang Bang, or Keith McCurdy, inked it for Bieber at the beginning of 2019, and it once again has a spiritual connection.

The delicate ink reads "grace" in cursive script just above Bieber's right eyebrow. McMurdy said that the tattoo was designed to blend in with the artist's features, so the ink isn't often too noticeable.

The "grace" tattoo is part of a couple's tattoo that Bieber got with Baldwin. “They each got a tattoo,” said McCurdy to Page Six Style. “It’s really thin and delicate. And [it’s] also not a traditional couples’ tattoo."

It is uncertain where Baldwin's "grace" tattoo is. It's definitely not on her face. While Bieber was busy getting pierced this week, Baldwin got a small tattoo of her own. On July 23, the same day that she and Bieber got their piercings, Baldwin also got a micro-tat on her collarbone.

The tattoo was done by JonBoy, and it was of a tiny heart the size of a pinky nail. It's barely noticeable, just like her husband's face tattoos. Baldwin shared a glimpse of the new ink on her Instagram, taking a photo of herself while on a shoot. While wearing a one-shouldered white bathing suit, Baldwin captioned the photo, "My favorite lil tat."

From eyebrow rings to collarbone tattoos, the Biebers had a busy week of body modifications.