Justin Bieber's Instagram About His "Struggles" Is Resonating With His Fans

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In an Instagram posted on Sunday, Mar. 10, Justin Bieber opened up about how he's "struggling," and asked fans for their prayers and support. The "Never Say Never" singer didn't go into detail about his current situation, but his candid comments should be commended. By sharing that things are complicated for him right now, Bieber's joining a growing number of celebrities who are getting real with their fans about how their lives aren't always perfect.

Bieber captioned the photo, "Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.. I always bounce back so I'm not worried just wanted to reach out and ask for your guys to pray for me. God is faithful and ur prayers really work thanks .. the most human season I’ve ever been in facing my stuff head on.."

The singer's post is receiving lots of love from his fans and fellow celebrities alike. Patrick Schwarzenegger commented, "LOVE YOU!" accompanied by two praying hands emojis. Tahj Mowry added, "Keep lookin up! HES (sic) got you." And William Baldwin, the uncle of his wife Hailey, wrote, "Sending healing light, strength, and prayers, prayers, prayers... You are loved JB."

His fans are also showing the singer an outpouring of support. One Instagram user wrote, "You are the light of many people, never forget that, you have been with us for so many years. You have helped so many of us find peace and I hope with all my heart that you will find yours because it is what you deserve after what you have gone through. I pray that everything will be better for you, that you will be happy and healthy the rest of your life. God bless you." Another fan added, "Love you for your honesty and vulnerability... thank you for speaking up about real issues like depression and anxiety!! We all go through seasons and they always to lead to the best times ahead."

This isn't the first time that Bieber has talked about a feeling of disconnect, or opened up about personal struggles. In July 2017, Bieber announced the cancellation of the last leg of his Purpose world tour due to "unforeseen circumstances," per People. Almost two years later, in his Feb. 2019 cover interview with Vogue along with wife Hailey Bieber, he admitted that depression played a big role in the tour's premature ending.

"I got really depressed on tour," he told the publication. "I haven't talked about this, and I'm still processing so much stuff that I haven't talked about. I was lonely. I needed some time."

He went on to say that he had lost touch with himself as a musician and needed to step back and regroup. After all, he's been completely submerged in the music industry since he was a young kid. "Just thinking about music stresses me out," he said. "I’ve been successful since I was 13, so I didn't really have a chance to find who I was apart from what I did. I just needed some time to evaluate myself: who I am, what I want out of my life, my relationships, who I want to be — stuff that when you're so immersed in the music business you kind of lose sight of."

Bieber's transparency serves as a reminder that everyone endures struggles, and everyone deserves the necessary patience and grace they need to get back on their feet. The singer's under no obligation to share his journey with fans, but by doing so, it seems he's helping some of his followers feel less alone. And as the comments on his post illustrate, he's receiving extra support from his fans, friends, and family while he goes through this challenging period of his life.