'Justin Bieber: Seasons' Might Have Just Revealed His New Album Release Date

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber's new docuseries Seasons is full of revelations and confessions about his health, marriage to Hailey Bieber, and his return to the music world. But it also might have just revealed what fans really want to know: when his new album is coming out. Justin Bieber: Seasons teased a potential album release date, and if it's accurate, the singer's highly anticipated new album will arrive sooner than you may think.

As pointed out by some fans on Twitter, the album release date might have been revealed during the beginning of the first episode of Seasons, which premiered on Monday, Jan. 27. When Bieber visits his home country of Canada, a title card is displayed onscreen that reads "May 2019" and "9 months until album release." If that timeline holds correct, then nine months from May 2019 would equate to February 2020, which means that his new album will arrive sometime next month.

Additionally, back on Wednesday, Jan. 22, Bieber teased a new series of dates on which fans could expect something exciting. One of those dates he gave was February 14, and given the hint in Seasons, that very well might be the release date of his new album. Plus, given his newlywed status with Hailey, what would be more appropriate than releasing it on Valentine's Day?

If fans needed any more evidence that his new album could possibly be arriving on V-Day, just watch the fourth episode of Seasons, where Bieber talks about how much he wants Hailey to love his new music, especially because a lot of it is about her. "I don't know, she just makes me nervous because I love her so much," he said, as reported by E! "I want her to like my stuff and it's about her too, so I am like singing about her. So it's a weird thing but it's awesome."

He has nothing to worry about. During the show, Hailey also talks about how much she loves being apart of his creative process, even if it's just moral support. "I love to see him do what he loves," she said. "Honestly, I feel like I'm here to cheer him on and support him." Given how close they got during the album recording, what would be a more romantic Valentine's Day gift than releasing an album about their love? Absolutely nothing.